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August 12, 2021

HONOR unveils the all-new HONOR Magic3 Series with premium technology, powerful performance, and cutting-edge design

Mobile phone operator, HONOR, is making new inroads in the South African telecommunication market. Now, HONOR is back and this announcement was made during the virtual global launch of its Magic3 Series smartphone.

honor magic 3

HONOR CEO George Zhao has confirmed to Android Authority that the newly announced Magic 3 series has three phones. This comes after HONOR previously suggested that the Magic3 series might only receive one major OS update.

Zhao said: “we’ve actually got three phones on tap this time, in the form of the HONOR Magic3, HONOR Magic3 Pro, and HONOR Magic3 Pro Plus. They share plenty of features too, namely a curved 6.67-inch OLED screen (2,772 x 1,344, 120Hz refresh rate), a 4,600mAh battery, 66W wired charging, and the Magic UI 5 skin. But these phones differ when it comes to SoC, cameras, and a couple of other areas.”

Speaking following the virtual launch media showcase in Sandton, Johannesburg, General Manager for HONOR South Africa, Kelvin Cao said: “HONOR is excited to announce its return to South Africa with a core focus of becoming a premium technology brand, offering a host of exciting new products enable users to be more productive, and enjoy immersive entertainment, supported by innovative technologies.

The new HONOR, Kelvin says has developed a range of advanced products as it seeks to become a top three global smart device brand. It has created a new intelligent world for everyone with its 1+8+N concept of a shared ecosystem of devices and services with the smartphone at its center.

“Through this HONOR is demonstrating its commitments toward elevating user experience in the Middle East Africa region with plans to launch its brand-new flagship smartphones, including HONOR 50 Series and HONOR X Series featuring enhanced camera capabilities, intelligent upgrades, leading technologies at competitive prices.

honor magic 3

“As part of this new journey, it has confirmed the implementation of Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon 888 Plus 5G capable processor in its new flagship HONOR Magic3 Series. The adoption of this advanced technology will deliver more transformative and innovative experiences to users, says HONOR.

HONOR has invested heavily in R&D, with four R&D centers and over 100 labs worldwide, filing over 5500 new patent applications to date, and quickly re-establishing strategic partnerships with some of the world’s top suppliers. In just three months, HONOR’s market share increased 3% to 14.6% in the Chinese market, further fueling the brands ambition for global success.

HONOR’s four world firsts, the HONOR Magic 3 Series has been the first to contain super conductive hexagonal graphene, the world’s fastest multi-network convergence download speed, The HONOR Magic3 Series is the first ever IMAX® ENHANCED smartphone. It also comes with AI film effects to enable professional movie-grade color solutions. And the first AI Film Workflow phone.

The platform brings industry-leading performance and innovative AI capabilities that will empower developers to create outstanding experiences for consumers. The addition of Snapdragon 888 Plus will enable a 20% boost in AI performance and it is able to run multiple neural networks simultaneously. HONOR is aiming to lead by example in this field and as a result the HONOR Magic3 Series has the flexibility to deliver a best-in-class mobile and camera experience as well as innovative AI technologies.

HONOR aims to foster a smart and connected life for users with a particular focus on privacy, health and fitness, as well as sustainability. HONOR firmly believes that consumers “own their privacy” and as such is committed to helping users effectively manage their personal information with secure systems and solutions. This will be done with HONOR’s specially developed HTEE (HONOR Trusted Execution Environment) OS. This OS provides privacy protection for mobile payment and face recognition at the highest level.

HONOR has embarked on a new path that will see it become an iconic global tech brand. It will also provide a high efficiency hub and build a comprehensive high-quality service network to cater to the demands of modern consumers. Honor’s new approach sees it working more closely with Qualcomm to enter the market in an all-round way. Consumers will see this shift in action beginning with the HONOR 50 series and the HONOR Magic 3 series. It has also established partnerships with more than 30 leading technology companies such as Google, AMD, Intel, Microsoft and more.

HONOR has been facing challenges head-on and moving forward with its strategy for more than 2 years. As such the technology provider has invested heavily in Research and Development. HONOR now has 4 R&D centers, more than 100 innovation labs and over 4,700 patent applications to help drive further advancements in its technology.

The company is starting from a high base with over 10,000 employees and a more than 50% increase in the number of R&D staff. This coupled with the fact that it runs more than 30,000 stores and over 3,000 customer service centers and it is well placed to deliver on its ambitions in the region and globally. Over the last 7 years it has won the trust and respect of consumers around the world and as such already has 200 million active users. With further investment in new technology and services the future is look bright for HONOR.