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ZA News HONOR and FISE Extreme Sport Challenge Opens ‘For the Brave’
May 16, 2018

HONOR and FISE Extreme Sport Challenge Opens ‘For the Brave’

[Montpellier, France – May 11, 2018] – HONOR, the trendsetting, young smartphone e-brand, is sponsoring the FISE World Series (Festival International des Sports Extrêmes), currently in Montpelier for the French leg of the world’s biggest extreme sports festival, which kicked off on May 9, 2018.

HONOR has been fueling the FISE since 2014 and became its global strategic partner in 2016. As one of HONOR’s “brave cooperation”, for a young generation and those who consider themselves young at heart FISE represents an exciting world of sport and innovation where athletes can take on new challenges, express themselves and push boundaries to the extreme!

“The FISE athletes of all skill levels represent our motto ‘For the Brave’ ”, said George Zhao, President of HONOR. “HONOR is committed to building our relationship around the world with a whole generation of young people, helping to create an exciting and trendy lifestyle with them.”

As a brand that was born for a young generation, HONOR is creating a lifestyle for anyone that considers themselves young at heart, introducing advanced technology through partnerships in music, e-sports, photography and sports.

The five-day event welcomes more than 2,700 enthusiastic extreme sports athletes annually from all over the world. Professionals and amateur athletes alike compete together in seven extreme sports categories: Wakeboarding, BMX, Skateboarding, Roller Skating, Scooter, Mountain Biking and Parkour.

A wakeboarder passing by an HONOR-branded flag (photo taken with HONOR 10)


A professional BMX athlete conquering the quarter-pipe


A skateboarder demonstrating excellent skills flying over the grind rail


Fans testing out the new flagship product HONOR 10, which will be launched in London on
May 15, 2018


Fans sharing a joyful day on social media (photo taken with HONOR 10)