Our purpose is to provide an unforgettable experience in every scenario in the lives of our users. We do that by being obsessed with design and creativity, by being unique and compassionate, and by creating the kind of groundbreaking culture and TechChic lifestyles for those who are connected, innovative, and open-minded.

Founded in 2013, HONOR is part of the Huawei Consumer Business Group’s dual-brand strategy, taking advantage of Huawei’s accumulated expertise in ICT fields and creates trendsetting smartphones for young people around the world. By adopting an Internet-based, asset-light business model, revenue has soared to over 10 billion USD in the last five years. As a result, HONOR is now the largest smartphone e-brand in China.


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Inventing an intelligent new world for the young,* busy, and connected.

*Young at heart

Every groundbreaking leap starts with a new vision, and our new VISION is our new MISSION. We're inventing an intelligent new world for a Gen Z audience that is connected, innovative, and open-minded. Along with smartphones, tablets, and wearable technology, we're developing a smart ecosystem for homes with gaming PCs, home entertainment systems, and IoT.



We appreciate unique attitudes

As a young and disruptive tech brand, HONOR pioneers the chic lifestyles of a tech-native generation who want to be themselves.

We call the colorful synergy of technology and lifestyle "TechChic" as it represents the pure distillation of the HONOR way of life. As our brand name evolves from noun to verb, we now define our central message as the ability to #HonorTechChic.



Our values are our slogan, HONOR MY WORLD. As a brand, we want all young people to seize the day and take action with the phrase "HONOR My World."

HONOR - HONOR is about taking action and living with a sense of respect for what you believe is right. It is showing great respect for yourself, other people, and the rules you live by. For us, it means the support and encouragement of young people to enjoy the process of action instead of just focusing on the end result.

MY - The word "My" reflects individuality; it focuses on the individual, honors the individual, and expresses the value of the individual while respecting diversity.

WORLD - "World" is a big word. It means everything from the world we live in, to a more shared worldview. It can be as small as a single smart living space or as large as a global information technology-driven network platform.

But it also refers to the spirit and essence of Gen Z, the world's first truly global generation - connected, innovative and open-minded. And however you choose to address these youngsters, they're already beginning to make their voices and consumer tastes known from continent to continent.


We've joined forces with playful Italian fashion house, MOSCHINO! This flashy collaboration brings a range of fun smartphone accessories featuring Moschino's signature outré aesthetic.

We've teamed up with Fortnite to make an exclusive HONOR Guard outfit for all HONOR View20 owners. Now you can take on your opponents with this unique new outfit. So grab your HONOR View20 for an amazing Fortnite experience!

As one of the hottest mobile games of 2018, PUBG Mobile on the HONOR Play is one of the best ways to play the game! We've teamed up with Tencent and PUBG Corp. to co-create a fantastic gaming experience for HONOR fans everywhere.

The essence of our work with Audi is the shared spirit of speed and performance. Both Audi and HONOR root their vision in technology, allowing Audi to lead in the world of racing and HONOR in smartphone innovation.

Brought together by a shared passion for inspiring the young generation, our collaboration with fashion designer brand Koché means we're harnessing a one-of-a-kind synergy between tech and fashion.