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Below Mt. Fuji

HONOR Creations

Name: Below Mt. Fuji
Author: HONOR VisualCraft
Description: A pink cherry blossom grove, at the foot of Mt. Fuji
Boss Cat

Selected Works

Name: Boss Cat vs Big Bear
Author: HONOR VisualCraft
Description: Big Bear is the most powerful adversary in the magical forest, having obscured the forest behind a veil of smoke for one hundred years, preventing the spirits of all other creatures from entering. Boss Cat is responsible for reclaiming the magical forest from Big Bear.
In order to grow, Boss Cat chooses to fight the forest Big Bear, the most powerful enemy in the forest. Over the course of the battle, Pod Fighter used his tactical capabilities and bean shooting secret weapon to assist Boss Cat, but all of his shots hit Boss Cat's head instead, Big Bear was able to rally.