• #forthebrave

    Discover the world

    Honor believes the world would be a better place if each one of us knew and nurtured our greatest strength. Bravely working and realizing that hidden talent and heartfelt passion to its full potential. WATCH VIDEO
  • Shanghai Research Center

    journey to a smarter lens

    Advances in technology will always startle us with big surprises. Embedding an SLR camera lens into a tiny mobile phone is a surprise technology for us. WATCH VIDEO
  • Paris Aesthetic Research Center

    Design through uniqueness

    We take pride in crafting unique products with meticulous attention to detail, while our unique design concepts make our customers feel extraordinary. WATCH VIDEO
  • Honor's growth history

    Honor has created a miracle in only two years. We're continually thinking of ways to share new experiences with you. Here's to exploring new territories and discovering new ideas. WATCH VIDEO
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Honor is for

those who dare to improve and change  

listening to your opinion.

Honor likes

exploring the world with the young generation  

develop better technology and create a better future with you

Honor aims to

push the limits of innovation, bringing you better devices for a better future



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