Honor 6X Smartphone Long Lasting Battery Honor 6X Smartphone Long Lasting Battery

Honor 6X Delivers 2 Days of Battery Life

Battery life issues? We all have them. We depend more and more on our phones to entertain us, help us be productive, and navigate us from point A to point B.

Most phones on the market today utilize quick charge technology and bigger bulkier batteries to resolve the issue. As users we try to find ways to manually change phone settings to save battery life. These are old school ways to solve a new school battery challenge.

We've gone new school with an innovative approach that we call smart battery resource allocation. Several factors impact battery life such as software, battery size, processor, and screen type. Through machine learning, smart CPU and smart RAM allocation, a well-oiled machine like the Honor 6X manages battery consumption automatically.

This results in 2.15 days of usage and 1.5 days of heavy usage on a full charge. You can stream 11.5 hours of video, 70 hours of music, or up to 8 hours of gaming.

Two days of battery life is possible so think about asking more from your smartphone. If you're ready for power, check out the Honor 6X.  

*This data is based on Honor lab test. Battery life may vary based on usage patterns and network conditions