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How to get your favourite apps

HONOR AppGallery

Getting your favourite apps on your HONOR smartphone is easy.

Simply follow the four steps below to get started with your apps - from gaming, entertainment, social medial, maps and many more.

  • Phone Clone

    An easy way to transfer apps, contacts, media and more from your old smartphone to your new one.
    Install the Phone Clone app (via the AppGallery, Google Play Store and App Store) on your old smartphone and select 'Old phone'. Open the same app on your new HONOR. smartphone and select 'new phone'.
    Find out more Watch the video
    HONOR AppGallery HONOR AppGallery
  • AppGallery

    AppGallery has more than 420 million active users worldwide and growing. Our Appgallery features a 4-layer detection. mechanism to ensure featured apps are safe to download and use. Find out more Watch the video
    HONOR AppGallery HONOR AppGallery
  • Petal Search

    A new search tool that allows users to search and find everything they need, including apps, news, images and more - directly from your device home screen. Find out more Install Petal Search
    HONOR AppGallery
  • APK Downloads

    Easily search for and download selected apps through Huawei Browser. Find out more Watch the video
    HONOR AppGallery HONOR AppGallery
  • HONOR Community

    Join the HONOR community, an official HONOR club where you can share information, get support and advice from other HONOR users and get exclusive access to offers. We’ve got lots of information on HONOR Mobile Services and our AppGallery, with lots of tips and support from our super fans to help you. Find out more
    HONOR AppGallery

Our Commitments To You

HONOR AppGallery

At HONOR we always put our customers first. All new HONOR smartphones and tablets continue to operate on Android (open-source project), get all security updates, come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty and access to leading apps.

Visit our dedicated Support app for assistance at any time, you can also get in direct contact with our HONOR experts whether that’s using our Live Chat or using our toll-free number ( +44-800 088 6900 )

*Google Mobile Services is not pre-installed and Google Apps are not available in the AppGallery. Other apps in the AppGallery are subject to availability and may change from time to time.