Sell Your Used Phone Now and Get Cash — No Strings Attached

Send us your used mobile phone and receive cash in the amount of the device directly to your bank account! No purchase needed.

Benefits of Trading In Your Old Phone

Certified Data Erasure

We delete your data using a certified, data-cleansing software developed for smartphones so that the data can not be recovered

Fair Prices

You get a realistic, daily purchase price for your used mobile phone


You get an expert evaluation report in which differences between your and our assessment are presented in detail

How Does It Work ?

In six simple steps, you could be eligible to receive up to £226** in cash.

What's My Device Worth ?

Estimated* Trade-In Values For Popular Mobile Phones:

  • Samsung S4


  • Samsung S7


  • Honor 7


  • Google Nexus 5


  • iPhone 4


  • iPhone 5


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I sell more than one device?

    Depending on how the evaluation process for a device has gone, an additional device may be evaluated and sold. You can sell up to five devices in total.

  2. How do I select the device model?

    The model can be selected by entering the manufacturer and model or by entering the IMEI.

  3. When is the sales price of my device calculated?

    After all technical and visual condition questions about the device have been answered.

Certifications received by Teqcycle – Honor‘s Partner for Trade-In:

*Prices as of 22.05.2017 and applicable only if the device is received in fully working, best condition, unlocked and if the device is handed over to Teqcycle's transport service provider within 7 days.

**Prices based on Samsung G930 Galaxy S7 as of 22.05.2017