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honor testers


The Honor 6X, tested by the community.

We've had some brilliant press coverage about the 6X. Now we want to hear what you guys have to say about it.

That's why we asked some of you to put the 6X through its paces.

Find a selection of the best bits below.


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Dual Lens Camera

It’s been a few weeks now since we offered people the chance to become an Honor Tester and try out the Honor 6X. We started this scheme to get original, objective & creative feedback from the “man on the street” (or woman….). We set our testers several topics to cover over the next few weeks and the first of which was the camera.
The Honor 6X with its dual lens camera really allows the user a whole load of different modes and options , so it seemed like the perfect thing for our testers to “test” out.
Let’s have a look at how the testers got on:


- Peta Ding -

The smartphone camera is pretty much the most widely used camera for the average person sharing to Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and all that. However for those who have (or think they have) the eye and vision for detail and art but don’t have the patience to learn and use a DSLR – their smartphone camera needs to be reliable, smart and eye-wateringly good. Within a week of using the Huawei Honor 6x, I the humble Instagrammer, I am already falling in love with the camera capabilities I’ve discovered thus far. It’s been easy to use, delivering some amazing results, courtesy of all the fun in-built camera functions and the snazzy 12+2MP dual lens camera.

Wide Aperture

The Wide Aperture functionality is an awesome tool that enables you to narrow your depth of field, which I’ve become partially obsessed with. The 12MP main camera is combined with a 2MP wide aperture lens, allowing you to blur the background whilst focusing in on your subject. This is something I’ve attempted on a DSLR but found fiddly and pretty hit and miss for me. I’ve previously only been able to achieve this effect by using an editing app to adjust blur out the background.

Selfie Mode

Now I’m not a huge fan of the selfie, aside from the odd few when in Rome and such. But I am of course familiar with the ‘Beauty’ modes that are around on most phones today as well as the array of apps with eye widening, skin smoothing and other beautification alterations for post photography.

The Honor 6x Beauty mode has a Perfect Selfie function, which can be switched on and off. It begins by taking a front shot, side shot and shot of your face looking down. Then allows you to adjust the following settings: Smooth, Whiten, Enlarge Eyes, Brighten Eyes, Thinner Face. The selfie camera defaults to a Beauty setting of 5 (pic A.), which I think are the settings that were just set. The mode works as expected with a wax-tastic selfie at the maximum 10 (pic B.) and an uncomfortably confronting selfie at the minimum 0 (aka normal front camera mode; pic C.).


An interesting feature that I’ve not seen before was the Panorama selfie. I’ll admit I struggled to understand how to use it at first, despite the onscreen instructions but once I got to grips with it, I found the function quite revolutionary (as far as my experiences with selfies go). It only works with the phone in portrait position, and takes three photographs automatically. First a normal, front-on selfie, then tilting your phone to the left to capture the left of you, then to the right to capture the right. Then voila, panorama selfie.
This is a function that I would love to use when traveling, for those selfies that scream, “look at me and look where I am”.

Food Mode

I had high hopes for Food Mode, as I tend to be pretty impatient when it comes to taking photos of my meals. I like to take snaps of yummy things but often, being hungry and eager to eat, I snap quickly and carelessly. So I had hoped the Honor 6x’s Food Mode would be the answer to my lack of Insta-dreamy food posts.
On first attempts in good, natural daylight, there was a great result with this mode on, with my lunchtime noodles looking bold and slightly dramatic in comparison to normal settings.

Night Mode

The feature is impossible to use without a tripod simply because it takes about 15 seconds for the photo to be taken, with no settings to change this. The mode appears to take some form of HDR shot, with multiple images being captured, cycling through different exposures and settings. Freehand shot images are inevitably blurred however, on a tripod, images are super crisp and show very little grain when zooming in, which is quite rare in my experience with other phone camera night modes.

Light Painting

Light painting is a fun technique that I only learnt about recently. It’s not something I’ve ever attempted myself, let alone on a mobile phone, as it involves some advanced settings and long exposures, which your average smartphone couldn’t perform. Whilst I have a really basic understanding of how these settings work in DSLR world, I don’t think I’d ever be able to manually apply these settings myself if my camera allowed it. So this is a really cool mode to have at the touch of a button.


Overall, I was very pretty darn impressed with the dual lens camera on the Honor 6x. I’m a huge fan of the Wide Aperture feature and its ability to edit depth of field after the shot. Images in general were vibrant, sharp and well detailed, even with cold my shaky hands. There were all the usual expected camera and pro camera modes which functioned well, however what was apparent in my one week of use is that the modes I had been most impressed by, were features not normally found in a phone which retails for just over £200. In saying that, times are a changing; technology is evolving daily and its affordability is being challenged all the time. And the Honor 6x is a testament to that change.

The camera software is ultra responsive and captures moments without that annoying lag you sometimes get with budget smartphone cameras. Also the pre-packed editing software allows you some powerful post-production effects and adjustments, with great results, meaning no more need for those extra editing apps. The Honor 6x essentially lets the avid phone-ographer take great quality photographs and express their creative visions with the truckload of in-built camera tools and the show-stopping dual lens camera. With a camera like this at your fingertips, you can be ready to capture every picture perfect moment that you find yourself in.

- Claire Wilton -

I have been playing around with the Honor 6X for about a week now, the first topic we had to cover was the camera, as an Honor 8 owner I was interested to see how the 6X would compare and so far I have found the 6x camera a pleasure to use. Photos came out perfectly and the extra features make it really easy to take that professional looking picture. The wide aperture mode is my favourite feature and I find myself using it a lot, along with using colour splash and light painting.


Overall I've found that the photos taken on the 6x are just as good as the photos I have taken on my honor 8.
The beauty selfie can sometimes be a little strong and I find myself having to tone it down a little. Panorama selfie works really well and is great for “groufies” or if you have scenery in the background you want in the photo.

The added pro photo and video controls are great to have and makes the 6x more appealing to photography enthusiasts who already know about the different settings etc.

- Lee Peter -

As a keen photographer I was really looking forward to testing out the camera and its features on the Honor 6X phone. In the past when I have had mobile phones I have always ending up downloading a camera app, which allows you to do more then the inbuilt camera app lets you do. As a tester for the Honor 6X I was excited to see what the inbuilt camera app can actually do and to my surprise I have found no reason to look elsewhere as I have solely just used the camera app that is loaded on to the 6x.
I have found that the camera on the Honor 6X produces a nice crisp photo in daylight and with the flash in low light it still takes a good photo, with not too much noise creeping in. Having the Pro Photo setting allows you to set the ISO to 100, this is as low as a midrange SLR camera and if you can keep the Honor 6X nice and still then low light photos come out really nice. There are 6 different modes to try out which I have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with

Wide Aperture

Having the Wide Aperture mode is a nice touch which I haven't had on any other phone cameras before now, on top of that you can refocus after taking the photo and also add focus filters such as a painting effect. You can also save a copy, this means that you can produce many different images out of one photo. As I said earlier I am a keen photographer and another reason I found this mode to be really cool is that I own an SLR camera and to get a depth of field this deep you need to have the right lens on your camera. This mode is available in your pocket so that's a real bonus.
Overall this is a great feature mode to include and definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

Night Mode

Night mode is a really useful feature as you can use it in full auto or you have the option to set the ISO setting as low as 100 for a 'no noise' photo. If you really want to, you can also change the shutter speed as well. I used ISO 100 and 4 second exposure. The result really did leave me speechless, there is only a little bit of noise near to the bright lights of the kiosk but saying that it did not overexpose the photo it was also pin sharp.A tripod is a must for the 4 second exposure to ensure the phone is kept as still as possible. Looking at the photo that I took the colour of the kiosk is very nice and the camera was able to bring the yellow out just like it looks at night. Overall night mode is one of my favourite modes on this phone.

Splash Mode

I have used the Splash mode in the edit menu to desaturate and then add colour back into a couple of photos that I have taken with the Honor 6X camera. I found that it did a good job of putting the colour back in to the photo. If for example, I took a photo of a digger and wanted the yellow to be the chosen colour in an otherwise black and white photo this is really easy to do in this mode. The end result is a lot like what I have done in photoshop, but on a simple but good little tool inside the edit menu. I have had a bit of fun with this mode, which would definitely come in to its own the longer you have the phone.


So that’s it for this week’s Honor Testers article, the Testers really seemed to enjoy the camera on the Honor 6X and they really seemed to get to grips with the camera and the various modes.
Next week the testers will be looking at the battery on the Honor 6X and seeing what it is capable of.


The Honor Testers have now been getting to grips with the Honor 6X for a few weeks now. We started this scheme to get original, objective & creative feedback from the “man on the street” (or woman….). We set our testers several topics to cover over the next few weeks and the first of which was the camera. Now we are onto the 2nd topic for our testers and that the battery, the Honor 6X has a huge 3430 mAh battery, so they should have got along well.


- Peta Ding -

Week 1 with my Honor 6x was SIM free as I only had a micro sim. In this week the Honor lasted around 4 days, starting at 100% on Tuesday evening until Friday night. Week 2, I had sorted out a nano SIM & was ready to test out the battery on the Honor 6X and to see how it held up in my daily life. I use my phone regularly, as a torch, to stream music on Spotify, browse social media, Whatsapp messages, voice notes & emails & the odd bit of GPS use.

I found the battery on the Honor 6x far exceeded my expectations, based on comparisons to my previous experiences with smartphones. I’ve never really had a phone that’s lasted more than a day, unless I’ve literally not touched it. So for day-to-day use it has great staying power. However the real bonus is the in-built battery manager. I’ve previously downloaded apps that have claimed to extend battery life, however the cost of that has always been malfunctioning apps and reduced functionality; and in the end the battery was never really optimised much, in my opinion as I was still scrambling for portable charges and/or plugging in at every bar/café I found myself in. The ability to shut down power draining apps with such precision is a handy feature and I found it worked really well as it actually did what it was supposed to, save your battery!

To read more about Peta’s findings with the Honor 6X head over to our Blog here.

- Clare Wilton -

Battery life on the honor 6x has been amazing! I have quite a number of apps that I allow to keep running on it and even with intensive use, and all these apps in my 'whitelist' I am still averaging between 4 and 6 hours of screen on time. That is very impressive.
I spent a day pushing the Honor 6x as hard as I could, this consisted of watching several YouTube videos, streaming live sports, a lot of Twitter and Facebook and of course using the great camera.
The battery lasted a very impressive 11hrs and 31 mins and gave me a screen on time of two minutes say of 6hrs.

I have never had a phone do that well with battery life, to get this kind of battery life from a device at this price range is great.
I normally carry a power bank with me but since using the Honor 6x it has not left my desk, I don't have to worry about battery running low while I'm out anymore.

- Lee Peter -

I decided to charge the 6X up to 100% to see what it was capable of, to test the claims about the battery life. I decided to go into town to take as many photos as I could. I tried out the GPS and used the phone in navigation mode whilst walking between photos, using GPS takes a good bit of battery when using it over a few hours, surprisingly the Honor 6x took this with a pinch of salt. After using the camera and GPS alternating between the two over around 3 hours the battery had only gone down to 86%! Which was great.

Once home I used the phone to browse the internet for over 3 hours, with the screen on full brightness just to see how much I could hammer the battery, it was down to 71% (that's now overall around 6 hours of heavy usage). Now if I used my current phone in that way I would definitely have had to charge it by now. I didn't stop there, I downloaded and had quite a few races on the Need for Speed airborne, then played another game straight after and as the battery was still going strong I had good browse on YYouTube for an hour and a half. I actually cannot believe how well this battery lasted, so after losing myself in watching videos I had a play on my DJ`ing app for half an hour, it’s fair to say that I really did hammer the Honor 6x battery. The Honor6X is now on 20% battery

To read more about Lee’s findings with the Honor 6X head over to our Blog here.


We’re into the third week of the Honor Tester scheme. Everyone involved has really started to get to grips with the phone and how it works. We started this scheme to get original, objective & creative feedback from the “man on the street” (or women….). We set our testers several topics to cover and so far they’ve covered the camera, the huge battery and this week they’re covering the performance of the Honor 6X.


- Peta Ding -

Overall performance on this smartphone is nothing short of superb. Even with all my useful AND useless apps and also all of my photos and videos, consuming internal storage and data as it does, nothing on the Honor 6x seemed to flinch.
Data hungry, energy sucking and storage intensive apps all seemed to stay in line and down when told to do so. When apps are called back to action, they all functioned perfectly as expected and to great satisfaction. I was pleasantly surprised to find I cursed less and felt less agitated over the past few weeks with my Honor 6X. Everything was as it should be! I know that might seem like a basic statement to make, but honestly it was great! Nothing got weird. Unlike my previous Android experiences, the Honor 6X has been a joy to use and has kept its promise. Streaming, browsing, gaming, filming and just general use, it all runs like a dream and has not let me down one bit!

For a more in depth look at performance of the Honor 6X head over to this week’s Blog post here.

- Clare Wilton -

This week's topic for the honor 6x testers is about performance, previously my phone was a cheap Cubot Rainbow, it constantly freezes and it is REALLY slow. The 6x in comparison is night and day!

I find myself using the 6x a lot more than I have used any other phone thanks to its Octa-Core Kirin 655 processor and 3GB of RAM. Over the last few weeks I’ve been using the honor 6x it has been flawless and has taken everything I could throw at it, the 6X never lagged, crashed or froze. Switching between apps is seamless and even with loads of apps running at once the Honor 6X multitasks effortlessly.

It has been so nice to have a phone that performs as well as the 6x does, and I'll be sad to see it go when I have to go back to my previous phone.

For a more in depth look at performance of the Honor 6X head over to this week’s Blog post here.

- Lee Peter -

When I first started to use the Honor 6X I knew from the off it was going to be a pleasant experience.

There has not been a time that I have been using the Honor6x when I have noticed it slow down or crash whatsoever. The Honor 6X is a very well equipped phone when it comes to gaming and browsing the internet. When using the phone for gaming there isn't any lag at all, even in fast paced racing games such as 'Need for Speed`. I am very impressed with the overall performance of the 6X.

For a more in depth look at performance of the Honor 6X head over to this week’s Blog post here.


The day has arrived, where the Honor Testers have published their final thoughts on the Honor 6X. Over the last few weeks they’ve covered the Dual Lens Camera, the huge 3430 mAh Battery and the performance of the Honor 6X. This week they’re looking at the bigger picture, the conclusion.


- Peta Ding -

It's been one month now with the Honor 6X and I'm actually pretty smitten, it's been darn impressive! The 12+2MP dual lens rear camera is the best I've had, and has exceeded my expectations for a smartphone camera. Also great for the traveler, is the battery life on this bad boy. It’s seriously lasted the distance. Another nifty feature of the Honor 6X is the in-built phone and battery manager. The phone manager works a lot like the Clean Manager app, allowing you to kill off active and background apps, and optimizes your phone by clearing junk and other random bits that collect over time. Some other features of the 6X that were worth a shout out are the in built shortcuts. Now I may just be a little naive or ignorant, but I’ve never experienced a smartphone with this many usable features in these categories.

Overall though, the Honor 6X has been an absolute pleasure to use. The general responsiveness of the touchscreen and system, is far superior to any other device I’ve had the pleasure of owning (for the record, over the past 5 years, I’ve owned a Samsung II, iPhone 5, Wiko Getaway, Wiko Ridge and Blu Life Mark). Furthermore, its phenomenal dual lens camera with its multitude of functions and its ‘Phase Detection Auto Focus and SONY IMX386 sensor’ means you can auto-focus in about 0.3 seconds and capture any moment with the sweet clarity and colour. The wide aperture function is just incredible and is something I can’t get enough of. On top of all this however, is the Honor 6X’s price tag. At £224 RRP, this is an absolute steal.

To read the full conclusion from Peta please head over to our blog post here.

- Clare Wilton -

Just over a year ago myself and my partner both decided to stop spending the crazy money that the so called 'big guy's' charge for flagship devices, my partner heard about a new brand called 'Honor' and took the plunge and got his first honor device.

The honor 6X is another device from the brand that has reinforced our decision to stop buying insanely priced devices, with the 6X you get excellent specs, great performance and fantastic camera, not to mention great battery life.

Our top 5 favourite features of the Honor 6X are:

  1. The dual lens camera. the depth of field feature is fantastic and overall photos come out great.
  2. Battery life. up until now both of us always had a power bank either in our pocket or bag, the 6X does brilliantly on battery life and we no longer carry a power bank.
  3. Overall performance. The Honor 6X performs just as well as any device either of us has had to date, daily use and multi-tasking is a breeze and it just does everything with the minimum of fuss.
  4. NFC. This is biggie for my partner who loves using android pay on the buses and in shops. To have NFC on a device in this price range is great.
  5. Fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor on the 6X is blazing fast and just as quick as the honor 8 my partner had, it's one of the best we've ever used and the added gestures are cool to use.

In summary, both of us really can't recommend this device enough, I have been raving about it to all my friends and family, and everyone I have shown it too have been amazed and especially when I tell them how much it costs. You really don't need to keep spending silly money on flagship devices from the ''big guys'' anymore.
Honor are giving you awesome devices like the 6X at a fraction of the price but yet with performance, looks and quality of the more expensive flagships out there.
For us, it's a no brainer and it's safe to say, we are #TeamHonor in this household.

To read the full conclusion from Clare please head over to our blog post here.

- Lee Peter -

First of all I would like to thank Honor for giving me the opportunity to test this phone for the month; it has be a joy thanks Honor. The Honor 6X is a super smart phone and is the first skinned phone that I really do like, the skin on the 6X is the EMUI 4.1.

Top Five features for me:

  1. The Dual Camera.
  2. The massive battery 3340 mAh battery.
  3. The Kirin 655 Processor with 3GB RAM (speedy performance).
  4. The 5.5 inch FHD display.
  5. EMUI Skin.

To sum up the Honor 6X, It is amazing looking with its Dual Lens camera and finger print scanner. Its battery lasts more than all day, it charges fast too. Its fast performance is great for everyday tasks, gaming and browsing.

If you are brave, then brave the jump and move away from the 5 or 6 big brands and try something new, you will NOT be disappointed at all! I will certainly find it hard to send this excellent phone back once testing is over, and I dread going back to my current mobile phone.


To read the full conclusion from Clare please head over to our blog post here.

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