Terms & Conditions for "Honor 10 Prelaunch Signup Event"

  1. Conditions of participation
    1. By participating in this Contest, the entrant agrees to these terms and conditions and to the information about the requirements for participation.
    2. The organizer of the competition (here: "Organizer") is the Huawei Technologies Düsseldorf GmbH.

  2. Prerequisites
    1. Any person who has reached the age of 18 at the time of participation (1) and (2) is a citizen of the EU and (3) resides permanently in UK.
    2. Participation is only possible in his own name. Community contributions are not permitted. Each participant may only participate once per competition (no multiple participation).
    3. The employees of the organizer, employees of cooperation partners, who are or were involved in the conception or organization of the competition as well as their direct relatives, are excluded from participation.

  3. Participation and awarding
    1. Participation is free and does not require the purchase of goods or the use of other services.
    2. The competition will take place from 03/05/2018 to 15/05/2018 at www.hihonor.com.
    3. Each participant who joins hihonor.com during the promotion period (3.2) with its e-mail address for newsletter shipping, will automatically receive a voucher from the organizer, which the participant can freely submit to hihonor.com at any time.
    4. Each participant also participates with his email address in the raffle of 20 x Honor 7X Smartphone.
    5. The winners will be drawn randomly among all participants after the end of the campaign. The winners will be contacted by email and requested to contact other persons for the purpose of delivering the prize.
    6. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude a Participant from the Contest who violates the Terms of Participation, attempts to manipulate the Contest, makes false statements or makes statements that violate applicable law or third party rights. If a participant is excluded, the organizer may reclaim prices or other benefits granted. In this case, a new winner will be determined according to.
    7. The winner will be responsible for any taxes or costs that may be incurred by him in connection with the claim for the prize.
    8. Prices are subject to availability. The organizer reserves the right to replace a prize with an equal or higher prize, as far as this should be necessary, without the organizer being responsible for it.
    9. A transfer of the price is inadmissible. A payment of the price in cash or the exchange for other prices is excluded.
    10. Unless you are in a position to claim the prize, the organizer is not responsible.

  4. Other business
    1. The organizer's decision regarding the competition is final. The legal process is excluded.
    2. Insofar as the organizer is not responsible for any circumstances, or if fraud, misuse or errors impair the orderly conduct of the competition or the awarding of the prize, the organizer reserves the right to adapt the conditions of participation at any time or to cancel the competition at any time. The organizer will endeavor to limit the impact on the participants as much as possible in order to avoid unnecessary disappointment.
    3. If a regulation of the present conditions of participation is or becomes ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining regulations remains unaffected.