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Innovative Foldable-Technologie

Innovative Foldable-Technologie

FINE! - I'll build my own Folding Phone! (Worlds Thinnest)

  • “I am not sure how HONOR manages to cram so many more displays, pixels and batteries into the same weight as an iphone, but I guess you could say it's ‘Magic’.”

  • “I think it's cool that folding phones, like the Magic V2, are pushing the limits of what mobile technology is capable of. And that's good news for everyone.”

  • “HONOR makes the Magic V2 to be the thinnest and lightest book-style folding smartphone on the planet.”

  • What does it take to achieve victory? With HONOR Magic V2, it’s not just ‘one more thing,’ but one more genius that awaits you.

    HONOR's Magic V2 is setting a new standard for what foldable phones can achieve. It uniquely bridges the gap between traditional bar phones and modern foldable devices, and its standout feature is an ingeniously designed hinge. Made from Super-light Titanium and HONOR's proprietary steel, this hinge has even earned SGS certification for its ability to endure over 400,000 folds. What's more, the hinge incorporates aviation-grade materials and utilizes titanium alloy 3D printing for the first time in foldable phone history. This titanium-alloy shaft is a remarkable 150% stronger than an aluminum-alloy shaft of the same size, adding an unprecedented level of durability. HONOR's Magic V2 is a representation of HONOR's comprehensive strategy to lead the foldable smartphone revolution. With the Magic V2 serving as an exemplar of technological advancement, including the use of aviation materials and pioneering 3D printing techniques, the future of foldable phones appears not just promising but also poised for incredible innovations. HONOR's role in this unfolding story is clearly that of a leader, setting the stage for what to come in this exciting tech frontier.

  • What does it take to achieve victory? With HONOR Magic V2, it’s not just ‘one more thing,’ but one more genius that awaits you.

    Foldable smartphones have faced hurdles like weight, durability, and user interface issues. HONOR's Magic V2 addresses these challenges head-on, setting new standards in the foldable market. It's the brand's lightest and thinnest inward-foldable phone, weighing just 231 grams and measuring 9.9mm when folded. Beyond its sleek design, the Magic V2 is built for durability with a robust hinge featuring Super-light Titanium and proprietary steel. It's even earned an SGS durability certification, capable of enduring over 400,000 folds. In short, the Magic V2 tackles the key pain points of foldable technology, offering a well-rounded device that's both practical and reliable.

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