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Nice specification need sar value for 8x phone

  • Pretty impressive specifications. However i am not finding sar value in specifications anywhere. This is one thing which will help in making decisions to buy. Please post the official figure for sar of honor 8x phone for

by Saurabh
on 10/23/2018


Hello Saurabh, we are glad to be helping you.
All Huawei products shipped to regions that adopt the CE standard conform to the limits prescribed by the standard. SAR values: Less than 2.0 W/kg (10 g) for head and body. All Huawei products shipped to regions that adopt the FCC standard conform to the limits prescribed by the standard. SAR values: Less than 1.6 W/kg (1 g) for head, body and hotspot. If hotspots are not supported on your product, there is no hotspot SAR.
Thank you.

Honor 8X EIS

  • Please advise if Honor 8X has Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)

by msohail
on 12/22/2018


Hello, The phone doesn't support EIS.


  • This phone is supper but I want pie update.. When u release the pie update for l22.. And 3D portiant also not work.

by Shameem
on 2/28/2019


Hello Shameem,
We are glad to assist you :) Android Pie update will be released very soon, wait for the notification message.
for more assist regarding 3D portrait you can contact us on phone or via Email.
Phone: +966-8001220888
Working Hours: Sat-Thu 9:00-21:00 , Fri 04:00-22:00

Email: service.sa@honorarabia.com

Software update

  • When i get emui 9 update Its released, why not get, It's JSN-L22

by Arshaf
on 6/9/2019


Hi Arshaf,
the new update will come on 25th of july

Front camera

  • Front camera is going to blur for long distances shooting Is it have focus

by Arshad
on 6/22/2019


Hello Arshad and thank you for getting back to us. Let us know are you using the default camera app or third party one? Also, you may have enabled Portrait mode. Portrait mode blurs the background to make the subject stand out. Good day.

Honar 8x mobile nice

  • This is phone good

by Alamin
on 7/9/2019

Huawei Honor 8x Dual Band issue

  • I have bought Honor 8x (Model # JSN-L22). It connected successfuly on 2.4 Ghz but could not find 5Ghz Wireless SSID. Kindly tell me is it support 5Ghz as per your advertised specification or not?

by Knight
on 10/23/2018


Hello Knight.
The Johnson-L22 version of Honor 8x doesn't support 5 Ghz WLAN Frequency.
Thank you for contacting us.

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