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Honor 10

  • is it available 64 gb 4gb ram what is all product of honor 10 what is all price

by moham
on 5/16/2018

by Honor

Hi Moham, this only version of honor 10 we have as of now is 128GB+4GB ram

Very good phone at best price

  • Excellent phone

by Mohammad
on 6/22/2018
Verified Purchase

by Honor

thank you mohammad for your feedback enjoy your Honor 10

honor 10 Pentium green colour

  • How much price this mobile in saudi Arabia and you have 6 Gb Ram?

by waheed
on 7/7/2018

by Honor

Hello Waheed, happy to help.
Honor 10 is released with only one version with 128 GB and 4 GB RAM and costs around SAR 1,699.
Thank you.

Seems powerful

  • I am going to purchase this. Please tell me whether it supports call recording feature or not. Is it a dual sim and dual standby phone?

by Abhi
on 8/13/2018

by Honor

Hello Abhi, happy to help.
Honor 10 doesn't support call recording, however, it supports dual standby SIM cards.
Thank you for your trust in us.

Excellent phone

  • hi . tell me that how i can auto screen off durring call

by Raja
on 12/26/2018

by Honor

Hello Raja,
The screen automatically turns off if you used it during a call, just make sure that there is nothing blocking the proximity sensor beside the earpiece.
for further assistance please contact us on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HonorArabia/


  • Can you bring a stock for the green color

by By Adam jradi
on 2/12/2019

by Honor

Hello Adam,
Currently the green color of Honor 10 is not available, please stay tuned and follow us on social networks to make sure you are notified once it's available
Thanks for choosing Honor

honor 10

  • sooooo goooood

by Galal
on 6/2/2018
Verified Purchase

by Honor

thank you Galal for your feedback and enjoy your honor 10

Honor 10 AI

  • It have a hybrid dual SIM Mean in same time its internet and gsm services available? Second it have infrared port function?

by Rehman
on 9/4/2018

by Honor

Hello, Rehman.
Thank you for your message. Firstly, Honor 10 is single active and not dual active or hybrid dual SIM as you mentioned.
Secondly, yes, Honor 10 has a infrared (IR) sensor so you can enjoy controlling your devices with its Smart Remote
Have a nice day.


  • Hay everyone ..good day can anyone tell me about whether bluetooh is available in thsi phone or not ...

by Ghulam
on 7/13/2018

by Honor

Hello Ghulam, we are glad to help you.
Yes, Honor 10 has Bluetooth.
Thank you for contacting us.


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