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  • Amazing, I like it

by Hafizur
on 6/8/2016


Great ! we wish you enjoying it :)

Great! Design

  • 360 Surrond Sound nice! great! but i just miss it :( due to an error at Yalla Wednesday today :( i really want it

by Mustufa
on 6/15/2016


Unfortunately ,Be advised that AM08 BT speaker offer has ended, as the flash sale’s available quantity is limited, if the limited quantity sold out the flash sale will finish due to the high demand on the website during the offers, this rush is causing for the offers to end up within seconds.

It`s highly recommend to use a good quality internet and good hardware in order to improve your rushing buy speed, if you want seize the flash sale, should login first and keep an eye on the flash sale timer.

Be assured ,this offer was not the first offer and will not be that last one, just follow our page for more upcoming offers which will be announcing in nearest future.

Huawei AM08 Speaker

  • Nice Sound, Nice Beatury, Than kyou

by osama
on 2/23/2017
Verified Purchase


you are welcome any time Osama as we are hoping to hear from you very soon


  • For the price range of 69 SAR what I pay during promotion is a very good speaker and I am satisfied with it. I bought 3 of them 2 I gifted and one I am using. So far no issues.

by bharat
on 2/24/2017
Verified Purchase


we would like to thank you for choosing and participating on the site offers, please stay tuned for more upcoming offers


  • here no available cash on delivery

by Jayesh
on 11/6/2016


Cash on delivery available , but the minimum limit to use it 370 SAR

battery status

  • how we know battery going to low

by Jayesh
on 11/12/2016


Check that a voice prompt is given and the red power indicator is turned on when the speaker is powered on. If there are no responses after power-on, the battery level may be low.

Nice but JEDDAH isn't included

  • I tried to buy it but my city of Jeddah isn't included in the list of cities!!!! Only coupelshows are included and I never heard of it like in the deserts!!!!

by Wesram
on 4/7/2016


Please try again as we have already delivered many customers ordered from Jeddah and they got their shipment within 48-72 working hours by maximum


  • How much is the battery life and sound quality and sound of loudness but desing is very nice

by mohammed gouse basha
on 4/27/2016


Your speaker has one built-in 700 mAh lithium-ion battery
The output and input voltages of your speaker are 5 V
The rated power of your speaker is 1.8W

touch pannel

  • why not touch pannel working.i am trying but touch buttons not working.plz help.

by Jayesh
on 11/10/2016


Few steps ought to follow :
when operating the touch screen, keep clean, dry hands and touch screen.
while charging, the touch screen may be affected by the current impact of not properly respond, try to use a standard charger.
Make sure to disconnect\unpaired BT speaker from other cell-phones then try again
in case touch screen still unresponsive so please do restart (press & hold power button \reset factory settings).
if the problem still persists, please visit our nearest service center for inspection.


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