1. Product must be purchased from HonorArabia/ksa/ website.
2. Exchange within 7 days from the date of signing the POD.
3. The exchange service is obtainable only for the product with the quality issues.
4. Free exchange is only for host (Phone body). Charger, battery and accessory are excluded.
    Mobile phone product performance defect table:
  • Part-Phone Body

    • Performance Problems-
    • Failure instructions functions listed
    • Performance no show/ wrong field/ leaking classified
    • Failed to turn on power, login or communicating
    • Ringer failure
    • Dial-up error
    • Shutdown error
    • Connection failure for SIM card
    • Button control failure
    • No ringer, microphone or speaker. Malfunction on volume control
    • Due to structural or material factors housing cracked damaged
    • Corresponding Exchangeable items-
    • Phone Body.


    • Performance Problems-
    • Device not functioning at all or not charging in standard performance
    • Corresponding Exchangeable items-
    • Not exchangeable, Repair service within 7 days from the date of POD.


    • Performance Problems-
    • Malfunction while it’s fully charged Battery capacity is less than 80%, even though it has been fully charged.
    • Corresponding Exchangeable items-
    • Not exchangeable, Repair service within 7 days from the date of POD.

    Part-Wired Headset

    • Performance Problems-
    • Malfunction
    • Corresponding Exchangeable items-
    • Not exchangeable, Repair service in within 7 days from the date of POD



The validity period for exchange is calculated from the day (inclusive) customer signed the proof of delivery (POD) upon receiving the Product till the date of requesting an exchange.


All product packages which have been unsealed must be inspected by Honor and get certified on faulty issue before proceed to exchange.


(a) The product is not sold by HonorArabia/ksa website, according to the serial number or IMEI.
(b) The exchange period of the product has expired.
(c) User did not follow product instructions for use, maintenance, service and cause of the damage.
(d) The product has been water exposure, humidity or extreme temperature or environmental conditions, or the exposure to the foregoing conditions of rapid change, or been corrosion, oxidation or food or liquid spills or affected by chemicals.
(e) The malfunction of product occurs due to unauthorized maintenance, misuse, crash, neglect, soaking, accident, alteration, or incorrect installation. The label, serial number, or anti-counterfeiting label is torn or altered.
(f) The exchanged items are incomplete.
(g) The warranty evidence including invoice and warranty card is unavailable, altered, or are not consistent with the purchase made.
(h) For exchange reason of logistics damages on delivery, missing parts, or wrong items, customer has signed for the product but can’t provide related proof or certificate from shipping company.
(i) Software products are not eligible for warranty service of digital products in HonorArabia/ksa.


(a) Pictures on HonorArabia/ksa web pages may vary slightly from the actual objects because of the light changes and display chromatic aberration. The effect presentation and diagram are synthetic and analog and are only for reference. The product appearance (including but not limited to the color) depends on the actual product.
(b) Information provided in Honor HonorArabia/ksa (including but not limited to the product specifications and functions) may be limited and incomplete due to the limited space on websites. For detailed information, see related instruction manuals.
(c) HonorArabia/ksa do not handle the exchange or exchange due to problems caused by your incorrect operations or environment restrictions.
(d) HonorArabia/ksa do not provide the data export service for storage devices. Before exchanging storage devices to HonorArabia/ksa, you need to be sure that data is exported. HonorArabia/ksa do not assume liabilities for data loss, damage, or leakage.
(e) For faults that can be rectified through software upgrades on products, send the product to Honor Authorized After-Sales Service Outlets for software upgrades. In such cases, products do not support exchange.
Honor reserves the right for the modification and final interpretation of this Policy within the applicable law.