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HONOR 10 Lite 128GB
HONOR 10 Lite 128GB
More to Store & Less to Delete!
Unravel a world of “massive storage” with the 128GB ROM of HONOR 10 Lite. Never stop or end up a downloading because of insufficient storage, get all your favorite shows and movies saved, update your music playlist more often with new songs, and enjoy all the apps that you love.
HONOR 10 Lite 128GB
Get In Vogue with A Stylish Color Gradient
When it comes to being stylish, the best smartphone you can own today is with no doubt the all new HONOR 10 Lite 128GB! It is simply a fashion icon that you carry with you all the time. Its unique design is inspired by the beautiful color of the sky and HONOR has chosen a youthful, energetic and natural design that fades gradually from light to dark-sky blue. You will make a fashion statement everywhere you go with your new phone!
HONOR 10 Lite 128GB
Experience A Bigger World Through A Smaller Notch
The latest android smartphone, HONOR 10 Lite 128GB, features an industry-leading dewdrop notch display1. It has an impressive 90%+ screen-to-body ratio2, a 6.21-inch display that now fits within a 5.2-inch body! The result is that you will get a far better viewing experience and a more comfortable grip in the palm of your hand! So it doesn’t only look great but feels great to hold too!
  • 19.5:9

    Aspect ratio

  • ‎90%+‎

    Screen-to-body ratio2

  • COF

    Screen craftsmanship

  • 2340*1080

    FHD+ resolution

HONOR 10 Lite 128GB
Click Beautiful 24 MP Selfies Every Single Time!
In addition, HONOR 10 Lite 128GB FullVeiw Display smartphone is also equipped with a 24MP front camera that is combined with a 4-in-1 light fusion technology3 and has exposure compensation technology. This means that it offers you an extremely superior selfie experience no matter what the light conditions are be it day or night! The AI front camera also recognizes eight selfie scenarios and even optimizes the background of the photo so that you, the center of the masterpiece, will always standout!
  • 24MP


  • 1.8μ

    Pixel for increasing sensitivity

  • F/2.0

    Wide capture

  • 8

    Scenarios of real-time recognition

HONOR 10 Lite 128GB
Experience the Smart AI Camera that Shines with Intelligence
HONOR 10 Lite 128GB was designed using the leading technology of the new AI beauty algorithm. This new android phone can smoothly customize beauty effects based on your age, gender and skin tone! You will get the stunning yet natural look that you have always been dreaming of today!
  • icon

    skin smoothing

  • icon

    skin tone adjustment

  • icon

    acne removal

  • icon

    face slimming

  • icon

    light & shadow effect

  • icon

    oily glare removal

  • icon

    eye enlargement

  • icon

    eye bags removal

  • icon

    eyes brightening

  • icon

    teeth whitening

HONOR 10 Lite 128GB
Get Studio-Level Selfies that Dazzle with Style
But wait there’s more! The smartphone camera in HONOR 10 Lite 128GB is enabled with AI technology and stereoscopic portrait that can be achieved through various types of life for perfect photography! This includes Butterfly Lighting and Soft Lighting. Taking a studio-level selfie in the comfort of your own home has never been easier and they will always bring out the photographer in you!

Butterfly lighting

Stage lighting

HONOR 10 Lite 128GB
Settle for Nothing Less than Perfection with Dual AI Cameras
HONOR 10 Lite 128GB is a smartphone that makes the best out of technology. The upgraded 13MP + 2 MP AI dual cameras4, along with the wide F/1.8 aperture lens that increases the lighting exposure by a whopping 50 percent5 is another proof that that commitment to lead of technology. This brand-new android phone from HONOR uses advanced Semantic Segmentation technology so that it can recognize different objects and make optimal adjustments according to different scenarios for every photo situation that you are put in!
  • F/1.8

    wide aperture

  • 22

    scenarios recognition with AI- powered camera

  • AI

    semantic segmentation
    with AI optimization

HONOR 10 Lite 128GB
Perfect Clicks Every Evening with AIS Super Night Shoot
When this stylish smartphone is in Super Night Shoot mode, your night shots will be taken in under six seconds of exposure and they will be enriched with an Anti-Shake feature that will make every night click stunning with zero professional skills required!
HONOR 10 Lite 128GB
Get the High Quality of Life You Deserve with EMUI 9.0!
There’s another reason why HONOR 10 Lite 128GB is the best smartphone in the Arab markets! The new software system EMUI 9.0 is optimized in every degree with 20% boosting5. EMUI 9.0 also introduces a minimalist and natural design to optimize the FullView Display screen that you will enjoy when you own this work of art!

HONOR 10 Lite 128GB
Get the Explosive Power of the Kirin 710 Chipset
When you experience the precision of the Kirin 7106 chipset and the flagship-level Cortex-A73 core in HONOR 10 Lite 128GB, you will get to learn how they reduce the overall power consumption and provide a smoother and seamless performance to your device. The 3GB RAM7 boosts the android smartphone’s processing speed and the 128GB storage8, which can expand to 512GB and will even double-up into your very own personal hard drive!
HONOR 10 Lite 128GB
Feel the Action in the Game with GPU Turbo!
The ground-breaking GPU Turbo technology, presented to you from HONOR in HONOR 10 Lite 128GB, reconstructs the traditional graphics processing framework at the lower layer system. This process massively improves the efficiency of the GPU graphics processing elevating your user gaming experience.9 With HONOR 10 Lite 128GB you are guaranteed a solid rock stable gaming experience with a high frame rate!
HONOR 10 Lite 128GB
Every Call of Yours Is AI-Enhanced!
HONOR 10 Lite 128GB gives you access to HONOR’s AI-enabled mobile communication technology. The quality of your calls will be effectively increased when you are in a noisy and loud environment or in areas with a weak phone signal. The technology also intelligently recognizes if a user has entered or left an elevator, and within three seconds the phone quickly recovers to a 4G signal
More User-Friendly Functions
  • icon

    TÜV Rheinland Certified Icon

    unique eye comfort mode certified by TÜV rheinland

  • icon

    Video enhancer

    hardware-level video enhancer with high frame rates

  • icon

    Noise Reduction icon

    AI noise reduction with better call quality

  • icon

    Scan-to-purchase icon

    AI scan-to-purchase easily search for similar items

  • icon

    Translate icon

    AI accelerated translator a must-have travel tool

Sustained HONOR Quality
Multi-dimensional and rigid phone reliability test standard, ensuring HONOR phone quality.
  • Test standards

  • Repeatedly turn on and off the device

    10,000 times

    (To guarantee many times after the switch machine is normal)

  • Repeated stand-by wake-up

    100,000 times

    (To guarantee device’s stand-by mode is normal)

  • Power button

    200,000 times
  • Volume button

    50,000 times
  • USB plug durability

    10,000 times
  • Headphone plug durability

    5,000 times
  • Fingerprint click durability

    200,000 times
  • Touch screen click durability

    800,000 times
  • Heavy pressure

    2,000 times
  • Heavy weight static pressure

    70 kg
  • Temperature shock

  • Long-term high temperature and humidity

    Temperature 55°C/ Humidity 95%
  • Long-term temperature cycling

*Tests were conducted in the HONOR Lab.

*1: FullView screen is the current general concept in the industry. It is generally considered to refer to a mobile phone with a narrow border, a high screen-to-body ratio and a tiny notch.

*2: Data based on HONOR Lab testing.

*3: Under low-light photography, four pixels are automatically aggregated into 1.8μm pixels, achieving 4 times of the original light sensitivity.

*4: 13MP AI dual rear camera refers to the highest resolution that HONOR 10 Lite can achieve, the two lenses are 13MP and 2MP respectively.

*5: Data based on HONOR Lab testing, in comparison with HONOR 9 Lite.

*6: Due to various packaging processes, Kirin 710 is inclusive of Kirin 710 and Kirin 710F models.

*7: Refers to 3GB of running memory, which may vary depending on the version. Please consult your local retailer for details.

*8: Also available in other storage options. As the mobile phone system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the storage and storage size, the actual operating space and available storage are less than the nominal size.

*9: GPU Turbo has completed some popular mobile game adaptations, such as Rules of Survival and PUBG Mobile, and will be supported by OTA upgrade.