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PK News HUAWEI Mobile Services Key Messages
March 26, 2020

HUAWEI Mobile Services Key Messages

HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem is rapidly growing
HMS Apps enable all-scenario intelligent experience
Chipset-Device-Cloud open capabilities to accelerate application experience innovation
HUAWEI Developer provides one-stop operation support services covering the entire development cycle of apps and services
HUAWEI Device and HUAWEI Mobile Services are developing rapidly globally (Updated as of December 2019)

HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem is rapidly growing

The HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) incorporates HUAWEI’s chip, device and cloud capabilities, including a full portfolio of open HMS Apps, HMS Core, HMS Capability, HMS Connect and corresponding IDE tools for development and testing.

HMS Apps includes HUAWEI Cloud, HUAWEI Assistant, HUAWEI AppGallery, HUAWEI Pay, Skystone, HUAWEI Video, HUAWEI Music, HUAWEI Reader, HUAWEI Themes, services for daily life and other core applications.

HMS Core provides could-side core capabilities to the public, such as Account Kit, In-app Purchase, Push Kit, Location Kit and more.

HMS Capabilities integrates HUAWEI 1+8+N’s software and hardware capabilities and open them to developers, such as HiAI, AR Engine and Camera.

In order to meet users’ needs and empower innovation, HUAWEI will make better use of its chipset - device - cloud strategy, and integrate the on-device HMS Capability into the HMS Core in a planned way, so as to realize the opening of the capabilities from device side and cloud side.

HMS Connect provides developers and partners with a series of services regarding development, testing, launch and operation.

HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem is an ecosystem that provides all-scenario capabilities, global distribution channels, full operation cycle management and full support. It is an important consists of part of HUAWEI device’s 1+8+N strategy. HMS ecosystem is an open platform for cooperation. It is on HUAWEI device-based and user experience centred. HMS, together with third-party applications and services running on HUAWEI devices, will ultimately build an HMS ecosystem – an intelligent, mobile and interconnected ecosystem for HUAWEI users. HMS ecosystem is an ecosystem of applications and services running on operating system. It can run on the open source Android, EMUI, and Harmony OS.

HMS Eco is growing and expanding rapidly. Take HUAWEI AppGallery as an example, it already has an nine-year history in application distribution. For now, there are more than 1.3 million developers have registered with HMS and more than 55,000 applications are connected to HMS Core. More and more global developers have joined HMS Eco and launched their apps to HUAWEI AppGallery, together delivering a better experience for global consumers.

Through the open HMS Eco, HUAWEI shares a number of innovative capabilities with its partners from various sectors, enabling high-quality, convenient and safe applications reach every HUAWEI device user in a more direct way. In this way, HUAWEI has lowered the connectivity cost and expanded service coverage, bringing modern digital services to a wider user base. By providing localised service applications in more countries/regions, HUAWEI makes all-scenario services more accessible to users, jointly improving service efficiency and the informationalisation and digitisation level of services.

HUAWEI has always been committed to its TECH4ALL initiative. Through the constant opening of HMS ecosystem, HUAWEI has established an extensive cooperation with governments, industries and communities, etc., facilitating local industry development and driving SME innovation, continuously bringing innovative digital services to global consumers and create greater social values.

HMS Apps enable all-scenario intelligent experience

(Please adapt the content according to product portfolio and characteristics of country/region)

1. HMS Apps is Favoured Around the World
HUAWEI puts users’ needs at the centre of the business, together with the synergy from HUAWEI’s chipset, device and cloud capabilities, HMS Apps offers HUAWEI device users with an all-scenario, intelligent application experience. HMS Apps is becoming more and more popular with users around the world, and continues to meet users' demand for all-scenario, high quality digital life, as well as brings a better digital life for them. HUAWEI has opened its HMS services in more than 170 countries/regions, including HUAWEI AppGallery, HUAWEI Browser, HUAWEI Cloud and HUAWEI Themes. Other services such as HUAWEI Video, HUAWEI Music and HUAWEI Assistant are gradually available in more countries/regions.

2. HMS Apps: A Hub of Innovative apps and Services
Based on HUAWEI’s all-scenario device strategy, HMS through its own apps and services, gathers the innovations of global developers and partners around the world to build an ecosystem for apps. These apps and services include portal services like HUAWEI AppGallery, HUAWEI Assistant and HUAWEI Browser; core services like HUAWEI Cloud, HUAWEI Wallet and Skytone; and content services like HUAWEI Video, HUAWEI Music and HUAWEI Reader, as well as HUAWEI Themes, services for daily life, education and IoT. HMS is a hub that distributes innovative apps and services. With globalisation accelerating, HMS provides global users with a smart and high-quality lifestyle for all scenarios.

HMS is committed to building a portal to bridge the gap between content creators, content platforms and users. Additionally, HMS works with reliable copyright agents and content platforms, as well as to open HUAWEI’s AI capabilities and media processing abilities to global partners and developers, so as to improve content quality and user experience through media enhancement technologies. The global content ecology centred on HUAWEI device users provides users with diverse, ultimate audio and visual experience.

3. HUAWEI AppGallery
3.1 Global distribution and smart recommendation
HUAWEI AppGallery is available in over 170 countries/regions with 400 million MAUs globally and its apps get a total download of 210 billion times. HUAWEI AppGallery pays attention to global consistency as well as localisation. With location service on, the HUAWEI AppGallery will be switched to the local app market and recommend the most popular and suitable apps to users in the region. The AppGallery also has the ability to recommend the most compatible version of an application based on the detected device in use.

HUAWEI AppGallery consists of applications across 18 categories and recommends the most suitable applications to users using its “Volt Algorithm”. Its search engine can explore contents, regardless of format, including books, videos, audio and games. Its Ad-Free environment also allows users an impressively smooth browsing experience.

3.2 Four Layered Check And App Ratings
With a strict application and approval process, HUAWEI AppGallery is the world's first app market to implement a developer identity verification system, also features a four-layer detection mechanism to ensure app security, as well as post-release app inspection and a mechanism for user feedback. Four-layer detection includes security vulnerability scanning, privacy check, malicious behavior detection and manual real-name security check, to ensure app secure during the entire process. Besides, HUAWEI AppGallery built the first age rating system in China and has implemented it on a global scale, which enables developers to select an age range when uploading apps, creating a safe and healthy environment for under-age users.

3.3 Online payment for family sharing:
First in Android, the online payment can be shared among family members. Parents can authorize children to purchase app or game item remotely, in case of being over charged without any notice.

3.4 HUAWEI Quick App: Ready to Use with No Need to Install
Co-developed by HUAWEI and other brands, Quick App is an app ecosystem that Houses a new type of installation-free apps. Quick App provides a good user experience, powerful functions and automatic updates for HTML5 pages, but consumes very little memory space. Users can add their favourite Quick Apps to their desktops for convenient access.

To keep up the pace with 5G, Quick App will be gradually rolled out to more countries and regions, opening China market’s mature Quick App standards to global developers. All developers across the world are welcomed to publish Quick App to jointly deliver tap-to-use and installation-free experience to users.

4. HUAWEI Cloud Offers Cloud Storage and Data Protection
HUAWEI Cloud provides a safe platform for users to access important data such as photos, videos and contacts, meanwhile the cloud drive on every device with the same HUAWEI Cloud logged in can be synchronised in real time. The Cloud Backup also offers an automatic and secure backup solution for users to create a full backup of the phone. Users can therefore clone the data to a new phone with just one click and manage the data in a safer and more convenient way.

In HUAWEI Cloud, the “Find My Phone” feature assists users in quickly locating their phone, lock the device, as well as play ringtones remotely on their phone. It also enables users to erase the data to prevent data leaks.

HUAWEI Cloud provides smartphone-cloud end-to-end encryption that ensures the user data can only be accessed by the owner

It also supports “Shared Cloud Space” that lets authorised users to share a cloud drive of more than 200GB. To protect privacy, all information can only be viewed by the owner.

5. HUAWEI Assistant: situational intelligence and all-scenario service
HUAWEI Assistant is located on the “-1 screen”. It covers three major features including global search, situational intelligence and news hotpots, offering all the content and services that users need. Coupled with situational smart recommendation, HUAWEI Assistant makes it much easier for users to search for services as well as being reached.

HUAWEI Assistant supports over 30 scenarios and provides users with all-around services such as weather forecast, typhoon track and travel planning, according to the users’ behaviours and the smart event-trigger service.

Today, HUAWEI Assistant has over 180 million MAUs. Since it was released together with HUAWEI Mate 30 Series in September, HUAWEI Assistant accelerates its progress to deliver diverse, intelligent services to global users. Just swipe right from Home, the global search and service shortcuts allow users to quickly go to the services they need. Meanwhile, the HUAWEI Assistant will intelligently recommend services based on the user’s working, living and entertainment situations. New hotpots is available in 82 countries and regions, in 30 languages.

Screens interaction enables users to enjoy favourite shows at anytime and anywhere. When a show watched by the user on mobile or TV is updated, he or she will receive a notification card on the device automatically. Videos watched by the user will also be synced between devices such as their mobile or TV with a function to automatically continue watching where you left off. This allows users to enjoy great content anytime, anywhere without skipping a beat.

6. HUAWEI Pay: trend-setting Smart Card Technology
HUAWEI Pay is a mobile payment service based on HUAWEI Wallet and mobile security chipset, which has both bank card and transportation card functions. HUAWEI Pay supports QuickPass for debit cards and credit cards issued by 128 banks, enabling users to use fast and safe payment in nearly 10 million stores and over 16 million POS terminals. HUAWEI Pay can be connected to 31 transportation cards, which lets users to use smartphone as a transportation pass for subway lines in 312 cities across China. Among them, 22 are interoperability cards, which provide transportation card service in 252 different cities across China.

At the same time, the HUAWEI Pay app also can be used as mobile phone eID, door key, membership card, office key card and other types of key cards. HUAWEI Pay is first to feature Smart Card technology in order to improve user experience. With the assistance of AI capabilities, this technology lets the device’s NFC achieves intelligent recognition, context recognition, automatic pairing and quickly wakes corresponding cards without manual selection, delivering smooth and efficient mobile phone card experience. In addition, if the user has more than one card, the Smart Card technology can intelligently choose a bank card that offers discounts for the user. When the transaction is completed, the user can register as a member of the merchant with one simple click, which streamlines the registration process and brings ultimate card experience for users. At present, the Smart Card technology is available in HUAWEI smartphones that run on EMUI10. In the future, more functions will be launched on more HUAWEI smartphones.

7. HUAWEI SkyTone: More Convenient Global Internet Service
HUAWEI SkyTone is an exclusive app of overseas travel services only for HUAWEI mobile users. No need for domestic SIM card or data roaming, users can access high-speed network in over 100+ countries and regions through HUAWEI SkyTone. Data purchase can be conducted without connecting to the internet and real-time data usage will be displayed. HUAWEI SkyTone also provides one-stop booking services for travellers. HUAWEI SkyTone also provides one-stop travel services including global hotel booking, flight ticket booking, car rental, visa etc.

Network linkage of HUAWEI SkyTone is fully optimised, which guarantees users to achieve a significant better experience in network speed for both domestic and overseas website.

8. HUAWEI Video: See the World from Here
HUAWEI Video provides a large amount of high-quality content and rich local and global video experience to users through its partnership with Mango TV, Youku, Tencent Video, Sohu Video, Huace Video, Sony and Paramount. Besides for on-trend shows, users can also watch tens of thousands of Hollywood and Chinese movies, fine art and culture programs, as well as education programs. Kuaishou App and other short video apps will be available on HUAWEI Video soon to deliver a rich audio and video experience to users. Additionally, it provides a "Baihuahao" platform for users to publish videos, to build a content ecosystem together. HUAWEI Video is now available in China, Italy and Spain, with more than 140 million monthly active users and it will be launched in more than 20 countries in Q1 2020.

HUAWEI Video enhances video quality through media enhancement technologies such as WiseVideo, including high resolution videos, old video reproduction, AI video enhancement and super-resolution technology, to provide users with a high-end audio-visual experience.

9. HUAWEI Music: Extraordinary Listening Experience with High-Quality Audio
HUAWEI music brings extraordinary music experience with massive high-quality music and audio. It has been successively launched in the world, offering 30 million songs from all over the world. It has 160 million MAUs.

With HUAWEI music, users can listen to lossless music and High-Res music. They can access to a big music gallery with tens of millions of songs, popular playlists, audio books and HiFi zone to enjoy the latest music and richer audio experience.

10. HUAWEI Reader: Premium Content for Smooth Listening and Reading Experience

HUAWEI Reader has teamed up with numerous partners in China including iReader Technology, Dianzhong Technology, Ali Literature, and China Literature, providing users with more than one million copies of high-quality content ranging from classics to bestsellers, as well as audio books.

With over 50 million global MAUs, HUAWEI Reader will be launched globally in near future to create a global digital reading platform that provides richer reading experience for users.

11. HUAWEI Themes: AOD Theme Brings Brand New Experience
Through the versatile lock screen, personalized icons and tens of thousands of online themes, HUAWEI Themes brings a different experience to users around the world with a colourful and versatile design. With 80 million MAUs, Always-On-Display (AOD) category provides the animated theme for locked screen which creates a ground-breaking experience to mobile usage.

12. HUAWEI HiCar: Links Your Phone and Car for All-Scenario Seamless Services
In Chinese market, HUAWEI HiCar brings the excellent experience of HUAWEI mobile phone and HUAWEI Mobile Services to smart car users, which enables a mobile-to-mobile all-scenario intelligent experience. For example, real-time traffic condition can be showed on -1 screen during driving, automatic photo-taken to record the parking location etc.

13. HUAWEI Ability Gallery: New traffic, New services, and Globalization
HUAWEI Ability Gallery is HUAWEI's unified platform for ability integration and distribution. It serves as a portal of all-scenario experience for most devices. Based on AI-powered distribution service, developers can access HUAWEI Ability Gallery for one time and distribute the app.

At present, there are more than 8000+ high quality apps are connected to it in China, covering 117 applications in 14 categories, and will be launched globally in December 2019.

To improve the service integration efficiency and optimize the integration mode, the development modes of Content Ability, Card Ability, and App Ability are opened to provide efficient IDEs and 10 general templates and support automatic GUI and VUI adaptation. This enables one-time service integration and cross-device distribution.

Chipset-Device-Cloud open capabilities to accelerate application experience innovation

HUAWEI opens its chip-device-cloud abilities to global developers. It provides an innovative platform for software and hardware collaboration, helping developers to quickly access HMS ecosystem. The ecosystem also allows developers to distribute apps for all kinds of smart devices with a simple click. Thanks to such convenient service, developers can spend more time on innovations to bring more diverse app experience to build a new, smart ecosystem, ultimately jointly delivering a better, all-scenario smart lifestyle to HUAWEI device users.

With the acceleration of 5G commercialisation, mobile devices can be used in more and more scenarios in life. Based on its technological innovations and breakthroughs as well as in-depth cooperation with partners, HUAWEI continues to provide HUAWEI device-based innovations and services. With the development of HMS ecosystem and constant opening of chipset-device-cloud capabilities, HUAWEI empowers hundreds of industries and partners from various fields to upgrade the digitalisation and information level of service, so as to drive innovation and development of industries where HUAWEI does business in China, and let more people benefit from the innovation achievements.

HMS opens HMS Core’s 24 core capabilities. These capabilities and services will help the apps to reach more users and gets a higher engagement rate, ultimately achieving efficient and successful operation. Thus far, over 55,000 apps have utilized the HMS Core & Capabilities, and this number continues to grow as capability provisioning speeds up, and more innovative capabilities are unlocked.

Account Kit: through open account service, Account Kit helps developers achieve a global access to all devices, allowing users conveniently and quickly to log into the developer application, while we can ensure global security compliance. Currently, there are more than 11,000 applications for accessing HUAWEI account services.

The Push Kit notification service is the most accessible service capability for developers. It is also the preferred access channel for developers to impress users. The notification arrival rate is 99%, and different forms can be used according to different scenarios. Currently, there are more than 39,000 applications for accessing HUAWEI notification services.

In-App Purchases Kit provides a convenient in-app payment experience for applications with easy access and helps developers get paid quickly. With in-app purchases, users of apps can purchase all types of goods or services within the developer's app, including regular virtual goods and subscription products. HUAWEI's in-app purchases service includes PMS (Product Management System), which supports the management of prices and languages for games and application content products in multiple countries.

Scan Kit's unified scan code service provides a device system-level scan code entry. Users can identify multiple codes through a scan code entry, camera, HUAWEI Assistant and smart visual portal of the lock screen interface, such as collection code, account login code, courier code, ordering code, etc., to achieve a direct service, pull up applications, quick app, ability and other related services.

Wallet Kit is designed to make payment more convenient and digitising card management. It can be connected with e-ticket, membership card, e-coupon, boarding pass, transportation card and more. It can also be connected with bank card and key card.

In the meantime, HUAWEI disruptively developed the HUAWEI smart car technology that can cover all scenarios including bank, campus, transportation, lifestyle and hotel. Map Kit has collected more than 120 million pieces of POI information and more than 344 million addresses, covering more than 200 countries/regions.

The Map Kit helps overseas app developers to develop unique map features and interactions, leaving developers space to create more possibilities. With the Map Kit, developers can easily implement customized maps and add tags, with highly accurate real-time road conditions and route planning.

HUAWEI Ads is an end-to-end digital advertising platform that supports real-time transactions. After two years of development, HUAWEI has built a complete advertising system architecture, dedicated to providing developers with full self-service intelligent business conversion capabilities. End-to-end delay on HUAWEI Ads is less than 300 milliseconds, with hundreds of billions of concurrent processing power.

HUAWEI opens the global privacy compliance framework so that developers can bring high quality experience and service to users around the world. The HUAWEI device global privacy compliance framework complies with GAPP (Generally Accepted Privacy Principles) released by the AICPA/CICA, the European GDPR-General Data Protection Regulations, as well as local laws and regulations around the world. Through open capabilities of the global privacy compliance framework, HUAWEI has empowered developers to accelerate the process of application globalization with a 30-year globalization experience and more than 20 global compliance certificates, also secure global user privacy together with developers.

HUAWEI Developer provides one-stop operation support services covering the entire development cycle of apps and services

1. HUAWEI Developer provides one-stop operational support for developers worldwide covering the entire development cycle.
HUAWEI Developer provides one-stop operation support services covering the entire development cycle of apps and services. HUAWEI provides a unified portal that is localised for Chinese, English and Russian users, unified authentication services for enterprise, individuals, merchants and consumers, and unified information services supporting everything ranging from reporting, EDM, site messages to delivery of information to official media outlets. HUAWEI also provides unified technical support to customers around the world at all times, as well as unified settlement services that support more than 220 countries/regions in their local currencies.

2. AppGallery Connect provides services covering a whole process of “Idea-Develop-Distribute-Operate-Analyse”.
Through AppGallery Connect, HUAWEI offers support to global developers covering the full development process, from ideation, development, distribution, operation to data analytics. As of December 2019, it provides 53 services in China market and 27 services in overseas markets. At ideation stage, DigiX Innovation Studio works with developers on creative ideas. At the development stage, developers can use HMS Apps and HUAWEI Mobile Cloud get complete access to online Devops tool chains for improved efficiency throughout development, testing, implementation and distribution. With the help of automated process, developers can update and upload server codes in just seconds. Meanwhile, developers can leverage a series of cloud resources including computing, storage and networks for CloudNative software serverless development. For operation, AppGallery Connect provides growth-driving abilities such as tools to manage communities and activities, customize gift kits and push notifications. At the data analytics stage, developers can analyse their apps’ reach, downloads, installations and activations, as well as user profile and user behaviours, which help them build a data-based business process.

3. DigiX Innovation Studio and DigiX Lab enables app innovation and local developer services
DigiX Innovation Studio is a platform for developers and HUAWEI to develop a deeper cooperation and build extraordinary user experience. The studio mainly focuses on popular app categories including games, education, apps for kids, finance, Quick App, as well as AR/VR and AI. With its powerful technical advantages, DigiX provides global developers with application developing and testing services across all categories.

DigiX Innovation Studio enables all-scenario digital service innovation, making HMS the amplifier for global innovation, bringing the high-quality content and services of partners and developers to the wider world, and continuously improving the user experience on mobile devices, and exploring a better digital life with users.

DigiX Innovation Studio is going to set up eight DigiX Labs that supports real device tests, development capability experience and tool experience, which are located in Dublin, Moscow, Dusseldorf, Warsaw, Mexico, Dubai, Johannesburg and Singapore.

4. HDD - expanding global footprint rapidly
HUAWEI Developer Day (HDD) serves as a platform for HUAWEI to have in-depth communication with developers. HDD shares up-to-date industry trends and HUAWEI’s new open capabilities and services with developers through discussions, technical talks, case sharing and other activities. Currently, HUAWEI has successfully held HDD in many cities around the world, making HDD a grand event for developers in the industry.

In the future, HDD will continue to hold a series of activities in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Latin America and other regions to have in-depth conversations with developers worldwide, so as to encourage innovation, and fully empower developers. Together with global developers, HDD aims to create brand-new user experience for HUAWEI's global end users.

5. Shining Star Program offers all-around incentive supports to global developers
The Shining Star Program aims to provide developers with training, development support, innovation support, marketing resource and cloud infrastructure resources and other incentive supports developers in AI, AR/VR, IoT, and quick service access areas, as well as a new ecosystem with rich resources, to encourage innovations in application development. The Shining-Star program has been kicked off for one year and it offers incentives for 300 innovative applications across 18 areas.

On top of $1 billion incentive fund, Shining-Star Program offers various services including a full app development life cycle, funds for development innovation, user growth, marketing and other aspects. It will also partner with other platforms to provide more incentives for developers all around the world.

The Shining Star Campus Developer Program will continue roll out activities such as DigiX Geek contest, training, campus tour, AI internship and campus ambassador, to inspire students to innovate and develop apps, and finally encourage more young developers to join the ecosystem to build a better future.

HUAWEI offers developers full-cycle operation support and incentives, has in-depth communication with developers through HMS ecosystem development, US$1 billion “Shinning-Star” program and HUAWEI Developer Day (HDD), provides incentives for innovations, especially for SMEs and SME developers. Additionally, HUAWEI uses industry-leading technology and open capability do drive developers to develop more innovative applications and services.

HUAWEI Device and HUAWEI Mobile Services are developing rapidly globally (Updated as of December 2019).

Globally speaking, HUAWEI Device has over 600 million of MAUs while HMS has more than 400 million MAUs and HUAWEI ID has more than 280 million MAUs.

• Launched in more than 170 countries/regions, HUAWEI Mobile Services established six regional centres and 15 data centres worldwide.
• More than 1.3 million developers globally registered in HUAWEI Developers.
• Since its global launch in April 2018, HUAWEI AppGallery is available in over 170 countries/regions, with 400 million MAUs globally and its applications get a total download of 210 billion times in 2019.
• HUAWEI opens 24 types of HMS Core services globally. More than 55,000 applications are connected with HMS Core worldwide.
• More than 2,500 developers joined Quick App Platform with more than 1500 quick apps released globally.
• HUAWEI Ability Gallery is already opened for global service access. There are over 8,000 selected services globally connected to the platform, meanwhile the open capability provided by the platform has been distributed more than three billion times per month.
• HUAWEI Pay supports QuickPass for debit cards and credit cards issued by 128 banks, enabling users to use fast and safe payment in nearly 10 million stores and over 16 million POS terminals. HUAWEI Pay can be connected to 31 transportation cards, which lets users to use smartphone as a transportation pass for subway lines in 312 cities across China.
• HUAWEI Browser has been launched in more than 170 countries/regions, with more than 270 million MAUs.
• HUAWEI Mobile Cloud has been serving users in more than 170 countries/regions with more than 180 million MAUs.
• HUAWEI Skytone provides mobile data service in over 100 countries/regions.
• HUAWEI Themes has been serving users in more than 170 countries/regions with more than 80 million MAUs.
• HUAWEI Music has been launched in 117 countries/regions. It provide VIP member services in 15 countries/regions. It has more than 160 million MAUs globally.
• HUAWEI Video has been launched in China, Italy and Spain, with more than 140 million MAUs.
• HUAWEI Reader, with more than 50 million MAUs, has provided users with over one million pieces of high-quality content and over 1.8 million audio books. This service will be available in more countries/regions globally in the near future, creating a global digital reading platform to offer richer content and content ecosystem for users.
• HUAWEI Assistant has been launched in more than 170 countries/regions, with more than 180 million MAUs.
• HUAWEI has invested us $1 billion in the "Shining-Star” program to continuously provide incentives or global developers. Currently, the incentive covers 18 areas across three categories including digital service, HMS Capability access and HMS ecosystem, supporting over 300 application innovations.