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November 20, 2018

How to Find My Phone in HONOR Android Phone

Lost your HONOR Android phone? Don’t worry! Installing Find My Device in your phone is a good a solution.

With Find My Device, you can view the current location of your phone on a map, make it ring, make a message appear on the screen, set up a passcode and even erase all data on your phone if you don't think you'll get it back.

So how to install Find My Device?

find my device

On Google Play Store, the software named Find My Device is available. So you can go there and download it easily from there.

To locate your HONOR phone on a map, your phone will need to be switched on and signed in with your Google account. Enter your Google email and password. Click Sign in.

Then it will pop down the box as follows. Click Allow and you can use the software to find your smartphone.

find my device location

After signed in to Find My Device, you'll see a map with your current location as well as the make and model of your phone, and two options — Play Sound, and Enable Lock & Erase. Then you can choose either option to carry out your operations.

However, to use Find My Device, your lost device must meet the following conditions:

● Be turned on

● Be signed in to a Google Account

● Be connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi

● Be visible on Google Play

● Have Location turned on

● Have Find My Device turned on

At last, we advise that you can do some measures to keep your data safe and avoid disclosure of personal information.

First at all, you need set up a security code for the lock screen of your HONOR phone. You are able to access your security settings by going to Settings>Security>Screen lock. Then you can choose which security method you’d like to use from there.

To take your lock screen one step closer, you should set up a lock screen owner message. You can access this setting by heading to Settings>Security>Owner info. Your name, email address or any other form of contact on your lock screen can be chosen to display from here. This is a very simple step but it could really help you out in the long run.