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September 14, 2018

HONOR 7X Gaming Phone under $200

The article about HONOR 7X Evaluation Sharing was divided into three parts. This is the third part of it. In the previous two sections, we introduced the full screen and the dual camera of HONOR 7X. From the two parts, it is easy to find that no matter which one of the two technologies, HONOR has offered customers an affordable price this time. Besides, HONOR 7X has prepared other surprises for its buyers. Besides the two advanced technologies, what else HONOR 7X will provide at such a low price? Let's take a look.

Hardware Configuration and Other Experiences

honor 7x gaming phone under $200

HONOR 7X not only has a 5.93-inch HD full screen and excellent photo effects, but the hardware configuration of it is quite powerful. HONOR 7X is equipped with Kirin 659 processor, 4+32/64/128GB memory combination, 16 million (post dual camera) + 8 million (front) camera combination, 3340mAh capacity battery and dual-card-two-standby full Netcom. This kind of performance is enough for your daily use, even if you play the game ‘HONOR of Kings’ can also be smooth and not stuck. What’s more,since HONOR 7X is a full screen, there is also a big advantage in the game field of view.

honor 7x gaming phone under $200

In the process of use, users can actually found that double-click can the bright screen. This function has disappeared for a long time, which is very useful. Many HONOR old users are calling for the return of such a convenient function. Other functions of HONOR 7X also provide users with a good experience, such as one-button split screen, eye protection mode, cinema mode, and so on.

honor 7x gaming phone under $200

To other users, the most enjoyable thing of playing HONOR 7X is chasing drama. For example, while you are watching a serial drama, the effect of using HONOR 7X full screen is too comfortable. The most important thing is that the screen of HONOR 7X has eye protection function. And its battery life is enough. Although the screen is getting bigger, there is no obvious change in power consumption. It is still easy to watch 8 episodes at a glance.

Written in the end: HONOR 7X, a 200-dollar machine that brings satisfaction

honor 7x gaming phone under $200

HONOR 7X is an outstanding smartphone especially in that, the full screen display of HONOR 7X is amazing, the double camera of it is excellent enough, the use process is smooth without stuck, the battery life is enough for daily use, and the most important thing is that the price starts from 179.99 dollars! It's no wonder that HONOR 7X sold so well on some shopping website. If you also like this flagship HONOR 7X with full screen + double camera+ 200 dollar, remember to hurry to buy.