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October 25, 2018

Compare: HONOR Mobile Phones 2018

If you are a keen follower of the latest developments in the smartphone market, you will no doubt have heard of HONOR. This smartphone brand has a track record of bringing phones to the market that are stylish and powerful, yet still available at great value prices.

So, what is available from HONOR in 2018? Read on to compare the latest HONOR mobile phones.

compare mobile phones - honor 10 HONOR 10

This is a true beast of a phone. Even at its reasonable mid-range price point, it still packs features that you would expect from a phone costing twice as much.

The first thing you notice is the Aurora glass design. This reflects colours from all directions and looks stunning. Its form factor and 19:9 ratio screen is specially designed for one-handed operation, meaning that the 5.84-inch screen still feels comfortable to use.

It comes with a whopping 128GB memory, which will come in handy, given everything you can achieve with it. The real magic can be found in the 24MP+16MP dual-lens AI camera, which is going to transform your photography.

It features real-time recognition of over 500 different scenes, adjusting the processing to perfectly suit whatever you're photographing. The even cleverer bit is that, thanks to HONOR 10's discrete Neural Processing Unit, the phone can apply different optimisations to individual sections within the same photograph, ensuring that both foregrounds and backgrounds look equally stunning.

With the super-fast face and fingerprint unlock, Super Charge that can bring the battery to 50% within 25 minutes, and the latest in-call noise-cancellation, the HONOR 10 proves that the latest technology doesn't have to come with a high price tag.

compare mobile phones - honor 9 HONOR 9

HONOR are big fans of using glass. Like its big brother, the HONOR 10, this phone features a glass back, this time in a sleek 3D curved formation. It looks stunning.

The dual lens camera on this phone is more than capable, with 4K video – previously only an option on costly phones. It also boasts hybrid zoom and improved night-shot skills.

One of the big features of the HONOR 9 is its audio quality. Ever heard of Rainer Maillard? You might not have done but, trust us, what he doesn't know about audio engineering isn't worth knowing. He's worked on some of the great classical recordings, an industry where sound really matters, and now he's spent time tuning the audio on the HONOR 9. If music's your thing, then the HONOR 9 is your device.

compare mobile phones - honor play HONOR Play

No surprise, given its name, that the HONOR Play is designed for gamers. And it seems to have gone down well with the gaming community, having won a whole boatload of awards for its abilities.

The HONOR Play comes with GPU Turbo functionality, which improves performance by a whopping 60%, while at the same time reducing power consumption by 30%. That sounds like a win-win, and a win is always welcome in gaming!

Nobody likes running out of power, least of all those who use their phones the hardest. To support gamers, the HONOR Play features a beefy 3750 mAh battery, which can power the device for a day and a half of heavy usage. It also features Quick Charge, to get you up to speed again in no time.

The 6.3-inch screen, 4D gaming experience with Smart Shock and 3D surround sound on wired headsets provide as close to an immersive experience as it’s possible to get on a smartphone.

compare mobile phones - honor 7x HONOR 7X

If you're looking for a really good phone that isn't going to hold you back, but you prefer to adopt proven technologies that you know will work for you, then the HONOR 7X is right up your street.

It features everything you would expect from a modern smartphone, and there are some really clever technologies that will help you get the most from your device.

For example, if you're watching a video, but still need to catch up with your friends on WhatsApp, you can use the ingenious One-key split screen to do both at the same time.

Packed with photography features, a great design and an edge-to-edge 18:9 ratio screen, the HONOR 7X is simply a great phone.

compare mobile phones - honor 9lite HONOR 9 Lite

A great phone at a great price, the HONOR 9 Lite features plenty of photography features.

Want to take a great selfie? Look no further than the HONOR 9's dual-lens front camera. Give yourself a makeover too with the portrait mode that recognises and enhances your best features and even customises this by gender.

compare mobile phones - honor 7c HONOR 7C

With 32GB of memory, the HONOR 7C keeps you connected at a great price.

Perfectly designed for the budget-conscious, it features a dual-lens camera for great photography and a usefully-sized 5.99-inch screen. Facial recognition and Softlight Selfie features make this a worthwhile budget phone, all backed up with HONOR's EMUI 8.0 software, based on the popular Android 8.0.

If you need more than one way to keep in touch, you can take advantage of the HONOR 7C's dual-SIM support, and even expand the memory up to 256GB with a microSD card. It also features dual Bluetooth and is built to last, with a battery that still holds up to 80% charge after a whopping 500 full charge cycles.

compare mobile phones - honor 7a HONOR 7A

Inexpensive smartphones often feel plasticky and cheap, but not the HONOR 7A. Despite its low price, it's built to feel like a much more expensive phone.

The dual-SIM tray keeps you in touch, perfect for travelling or if you find you need to call abroad often. There is a useful fingerprint sensor on the back, which provides a quicker and easier way to unlock your device. There's a great 13MP camera on the rear and 8MP on the front, plus selfie modes that can enhance your natural beauty.

compare mobile phones - honor 7s HONOR 7S

What an incredible price! Who would have thought a few years ago that a modern, feature-packed phone could be available at this sort of cost?

It shares many of the features of its HONOR 7X stablemates, but comes in at a price that wows. If you're looking for the best value smartphone, this is the one to choose.