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PH blog YOYO-The Smart Assistant of HONOR Magic2
December 21, 2018

YOYO-The Smart Assistant of HONOR Magic2

Who is YOYO? If you are the HONOR fans, you will heard of her. She is the intelligent life of HONOR Magic2 , which was newly released on October 30, in Beijing. HONOR Magic2 shocked the mobile phone market the first time when it was officially unveiled at the IFA exhibition in Germany. It has 9 overwhelming technology features. What worth mentioning most is its smart assistant, which named YOYO. Today’s article will give you a brief introduction of YOYO.


Smart Assistant YOYO

Why HONOR Magic2 attracts the mobile phone world’s attentions? It is largely because of its AI-powered smart assistant YOYO, who will push you to explore the frontier of AI. YOYO is not only a voice assistant, but also an intelligent life with high intelligence.

She can learn about the world and makes advancement of the way we do. She is an intelligent life that can grow in the AI system, so YOYO can understand you and serve you as time goes by. She is an all-around warrior, your translator, your health nutritionist, your face beautician.

She will be your very own interactive encyclopedia and pocket butler, attending to your every need.

Each slide of the screen reveals ground-breaking technological advancements and connects users to an intelligent interface.

In addition, YOYO is constantly evolving, and through learning, becomes more intelligent and understands you. You can train it in daily use and grow with you. She just looks like your kids, as long as you use it more, it can understand you better.

Image that one day, when you want to call someone, just tell YOYO and she will do it for you. If you want to reject some calls, she can hang up them for you before you are disturbed. Life will become easier and simpler than ever before.

Besides YOYO, HONOR Magic2 has a spectacular look and many other magic features like innovative sliding full screen display, 24MP rear AI triple-camera + 16MP front AI triple-camera, powerful Kirin 980 chipset, 40W (Max) SuperCharge and so on. It is truly an outstanding device which will help you experience the latest technology.

In short, if you are interested in YOYO too, you can get more info on HONOR’s official site and purchase it as you like.