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PH blog The Review of Best Gaming Phone: HONOR Play
December 10, 2018

The Review of Best Gaming Phone: HONOR Play

Loaded with new system and attractive appearance credits, HONOR Play will bring us an exciting feel of setting free to the sky. This article will show you a review of the best gaming phone HONOR Play. Let us take the earliest chance to sense the handheld experience of Magic Night Black.


Now firstly comes with a family photo, HONOR Play fits with 9V2A charger and corresponding Charging Type-C, and additionally gifted with a transparent TPU Shell to both reveal high appearance and more attached closely to your Mobile, in a way to protect your loved Mobile from wear and tear.


Meanwhile, HONOR Play maintains traditional 3.5mm headphone jack next to the charging hole at the bottom. In addition, it uses 3750 mAh big battery for excellent battery life to ensure your whole-day undisturbed gaming.


This year’s hottest 6.3-inches and 19.5:9 big full-screen configuration brings you the best gaming and video experiences. The navigation bar is perfectly added to the upper space in the screen to broaden your field of views, another benefit coming with the notch screen.

Of course, if you don’t like the notch screen, HONOR Play will offer you more options. In the “setting”, the user can choose to hide the notch screen, thus the visual experience will turn to be identical with special-shaped screens. Meantime, if you select the notch screen in the “setting”, you could also select “custom”, i.e. everyone may choose certain APPs to suit for the notch screen freely based on their own habits, a good design with a touch of humanity.

It is interesting to find that, HONOR Play’s notch part locates 16-megapixel selfie lens, a traditional long earphone plus a combo of various sensors.


With Integrated metal body, tender touching feel, round treatment to the corners and marvelous handheld experiences, your will definitely fall in love with it after use. HONOR logo is lay out in verticals, creating an image of low-pitched luxury with deep virtues.

The back of HONOR Play loads 16-megapixels +2-megapixels dual lens, matching with AI photography master technology. Believe it, every shot you take will create a hit. Meanwhile, the back retains the function of traditional fingerprint recognition, saving more space for front screen to acquire bigger screen-to-body ratio.

For sure, the back fingerprint sometimes turns out to be somewhat not convenient. No worries! HONOR Play also has the facer recognition in the front, thus providing a perfect remedy to such troublesome scenarios. This time, the updated EMUI8.2 system also newly adds with the function of singe button navigation in the screen, realizing the physical button services for front fingerprint setting in the screen while layouting voice assistant button service at the left navigation bar, with the right side set with the small faction of Scan QR Mode, plus the option for auto-hide navigation bar. This creates more open screen space for gaming or film viewing scenarios.
Swiping the screen space upwards will activate the navigation bar once it is hidden.

The single-button navigation in the screen also applies the gestures the same as the physical button, so the user will easily adapt to this new function.

In the perspective of system,HONOR Play EMUI8.2 also made some minor alterations to the notice status bar by changing its color from black to white, in a way to create more comfortable visual effects with a simpler and cleaner look.

Finally, let us take a look at HONOR Play with 6.3-inches screen of the equal size with the mobile of traditional 5.5-inches screen, while its whole body only seems a little longer than that of the mobile of 6.1-inches, and it is seen with a narrower chin, but particularly supplied with super big screen dedicated for delivering more powerful gaming capabilities. Together, we will merrily look forward to the astonishing performance of HONOR Play in the gaming scenes.