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PH blog How to Use Raise to Wake on HONOR 8X
November 26, 2018

How to Use Raise to Wake on HONOR 8X

As the title implies, in HONOR 8X, the feature of Raise to Wake up device is supported. In this article, you will learn how to enable this feature in HONOR 8X.

Back in the Android 4.x era, to customize a mobile phone can be extremely difficult. You must root the mobile device, unlock recover and install Xposed, so as to deeply customize your phone to unlock some new hidden features.

With the consistent upgrade of the Android system in recent years, it has become more open and inclusive. Now you can deeply optimize your phone even if you don't have Xposed installed. Some latest HONOR phones provide Motion Control feature which assist you in a smart way.

Pick up Your Phone to Wake up the Device

In fact, this feature is not new, similar functions had already been introduced in certain smartphone models, and there are also some apps available to achieve the wake up phone effect. But on HONOR Android phones, there is no need to install some third party apps, the feature is embedded in the Motion Control settings section of the device. The principle is based on the gyroscope and the data obtained by the various sensors.

How to Turn on the Wake up Function in HONOR 8X?

HONOR 8x pick up to wake up device

Step 1: Go to the main screen of HONOR 8X and find Settings, tap to open it.

Step 2: Under Settings section, find and tap on Smart assistance.

Step 3: Click Motion Control > Pick up.

Step 4: In Pick up interface, turn on the bar of Wake up device.

After you follow all the above steps, when you pick up the phone on the table, it will automatically light up. With the popular face recognition unlocking method of the current smart phone, you can quickly unlock the phone, which is very convenient.

Most of the latest HONOR smartphones have face recognition technology in place. Face unlock is the latest security measure on smartphones. It is quick and easy to use. Go into Settings, then head to Security & Privacy. From there, choose Face Unlock. You will have to set or enter your lock screen password to gain access to the settings.

With the Pick up to Wake up device turned on, and the face unlock settings ready, you can protect your private data as well as enjoy the convenience these features have brought to you.

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