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PH blog How to Track a Phone with Google’s Find My Device
December 10, 2018

How to Track a Phone with Google’s Find My Device

Have you ever lost your mobile phone? Worried about having your mobile phone stolen? To avoid that bad thing, you can set your mobile phone up ahead of time. Here we will tell you how to track a phone with Google’s Find My Device if it is lost or stolen by anyone else.

When ask how to track your mobile phone, most Android phone users will come with the tool Find My Device, which is a Google app for automatically track your phone’s location. If your phone goes missing you can hop on your laptop or a friend’s phone, you can find your phone’s last known location. If you need a hint, you can make your phone ringing all the time, lock it for security reason or just erase your phone if you make sure it has been stolen. Therefore, if you want to track your mobile phone you can set up your phone to be found before it is lost.

Then how to set up your phone to be tracked by Find My Device?

As long as you get a new Android phone, you can download the APP “Find My Device” from the Google Play Store. Then install and run it. Just follow the steps below:

1. Launch Settings.
2. Tap Security& Lock screen.
3. Tap Device administrators and follow the screen instructions to finish the installation.

If you later come across bad things like lost your phone, you can navigate to with your APP “Find My Device” on, and then you will get three options:

1) Play a sound;
2) Secure device;
3) Erase your phone.

track a phone with google Find My Device

You can choose one to track your mobile phone. If you are trying to track your phone with Find My Device and it does not work, the most likely cause is that your phone is not currently connected to Wi-Fi or an available network. In that case, it is important to keep trying. Once your mobile phone is connected to the Internet, it will appear on the map. If your phone is just located on somewhere in your house, you can just let it ring. If it is lost on other places, you can secure your device or just erase your phone if you make sure that you cannot find it anymore.

Above is the way to track your Android mobile phone with Google’s Find My Phone. Hope it is useful to you in some cases.