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September 20, 2018

How to Select an HONOR Phone for Your Need

The mobile phone has become an indispensable thing in people's life. You can forget your wallet, your keys, but you cannot forget your mobile phone. Since mobile phones can call, book services, make payment, take pictures and do many other kinds of things. Because of its importance, you need to choose a right one for yourself.

As a leading smartphone brand, Honor is designed for the young. Honor phones have a good reputation among consumers, and the consumer base is also growing quickly.

Honor provides many model options for people with various needs. Whether you are searching for budget, mid-range or flagship models, you can get your favorite one among the full Honor product line. Then, how to choose an Honor phone suit for your need? Certainly, you may have a little confusion among these model of Honor phones, if so, the below article is just for you. It will help you sort through them so that you can have a clear idea of the phone specs and features.

how to select an honor smartphone

At present, the latest Honor phones are Honor play and Honor 10, so firstly, let’s check their main specifications.

Name Honor play Honor 10
Camera 16MP + 2MP Rear
16 MP Front
24MP + 16MP Rear
24MP Front
Display 6.3 inches
2340 x 1080
5.84 inches
2280 x 1080
Processor Kirin 970 AI Chipset Kirin 970
Battery 3750mAh 3400mAh
Storage ROM 64GB
Safety supports both face Ultasonic Under Glass Fingerprint
and fingerprint unlock
Price £279.99
Honor Play Price in Philippines
Honor 10 Price in Philippines

It is easily to see that Honor play’s processor is designed for gaming playing. It has better battery for playing games and a larger display with a relatively lower price. On the other side, Honor 10 has better camera and larger storage for photos and videos. So if you prefer to play games with your smartphone, you can choose Honor play. If you want a better camera, you can choose Honor 10. The two smartphones are suitable for the youth who seek for fashion and great performance with sensible price.

Except for the above difference, there are also differences in design and safety unlock. Honor Play owns a new breakthrough in phone design with the gamers in mind, embodies science and technology with laser engraving to enhance your gaming experience. Player edition has colors available in both black and red.

how to select an honor phone - honor play

While Honor 10 is lighter than Honor Play. Honor 10 is highlighted with its aurora glass design, which can reflect vivid colors from every direction.

how to select an honor phone - honor 10

Therefore, Honor Play is for the gamers, while the Honor 10 is for the people who love good-looking design and photography. What’s more, Honor play’s price is lower than Honor 10.

To buy Honor photos, you only need to consider your needs and the budget. Honor phones can be purchased from the official site or other e-commerce platforms depending on the country you live.