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PH blog How to backup Android phone data to SD card?
January 17, 2019

How to backup Android phone data to SD card?

With the Android phone’s popularity, we can see most important data are stored on the phone. People like to take photos with phone camera, call friends, contact others with social communication apps, deal with emails, so that we will have data like music, video, contacts, sms, call logs, especially contacts that you do want to lose most. Are you afraid that all of them will be lost suddenly? Don’t be panic, once you backup these data in advance, it will be ok. Then how to backup Android phone data?

There are many methods to back up your smartphone. If you are an Android user, there is a good news for you: Google already does you the favor of backing up your Android Data such as contacts onto the cloud, you can also sync contents on Android to Dropbox, or backup everything from Android to computer.

But what if you wanna make a local copy of your data just in case something goes wrong? Well, here is another solution for you to backup Android data --- backup Contents on Android phone to SD Card.

Then how to backup phone data to SD card? Here, take HONOR 8X as an example, we will tell you how to backup phone data to SD card.

Open Tools>Backup>External storage>Memory card…


Then your goal will be achieved soon.