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December 10, 2018

How to back up Android phone to PC

It is normal that nearly many private info like photos, videos, contacts, messages, apps and other content are stored in our Android phone. But have you ever worried about the missing of these data? If you will feel panic when you find your phone info are lost in one second, you’d better learn how to back up Android phone to PC to avoid bad things happen.

Certainly, there are many ways to back up your phone data. You can learn these solutions one by one. Today, our article is to tell you how to back up Android phone to PC.

Take HONOR 8X as an example, to back up HONOR Android phone to PC, just choose Tools>Back up>BACK UP>Back up to Computer,then you will finish the work to back up your Android phone to PC. Please see the screenshot below:

1) Tap Tools

HONOR phone's backup step1

2) Choose Back up

HONOR phone's backup step2

3) Next, you come to the backup interface, just choose BACK UP.

HONOR phone's backup step3

4) Then, you will see two options for back up. 1. Back up to Computer. 2. Back up to USB storage. If you want to back up the phone data to your PC, just choose Back up to Computer. Please do not choose the latter one Back up to USB storage if you do not want to back up to your USB

HONOR phone's backup step4

You can also achieve this goal with the following steps too:
Settings>System>Back up & restore >Data Back up> Back up messages, call log, and other system data to local storage> Back up>Back up to Computer (Back up your data to your computer via HiSuite..)

At last, you will see the interface like below to guide you to back up your HONOR Android phone data to PC like the following screenshot shows.

HONOR phone's backup step5

To sum up, with few steps, it is easy to back up HONOR Android phone data to PC. Wish you have learned the two ways already.