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PH blog HONOR 8X Unlocks the Times of 90% Screen-to-body Ratio
December 10, 2018

HONOR 8X Unlocks the Times of 90% Screen-to-body Ratio

As we know, HONOR 8X has its charm of uniqueness with the appearance design, 90% screen-to-body ratio and AI+ communication. This article will tell you how HONOR 8X Unlocks the times of 90% screen-to-body ratio.


Appearance designs

HONOR 8X doesn’t inherit the metal body designs from previous versions. Instead, it brilliantly adopts new double texture glass collage design, fused with 15 layers of originality craftsmanship plus 2.5D aurora glass to redefine the appearance aesthetic value for its glass body. Judging from its appearance, HONOR 8X has no hesitation in breaking the traditions and unveils its magical stories under ambience of variable light and shades.

HONOR 8X’s body right side continues the legacy textures of HONOR flagship models, reflecting dazzling aurora under variation of light beams, while its body left side is combined with the design of more complex and intertwined textures to present a soft and noble effects of glamorous light and shade. Its 20-megapixel AI camera sparkles like big eyes at the side. In the same level of plane, the light slowly flows with two kinds of quality feels and the light and shade contrast seems not abrupt at all. In the contrast and differences glittering in your view, HONOR 8X discovers a deeper layer of beauty balance.

Incomparable Screen-to-body ratio

Why do people say HONOR 8X incomparably dominates the screen market? As you see, HONOR 8X throws 6.5-inch full screen into the 5.5-inch mobile phone and uses flagship enclosure technique to narrow the bottom lines as slim as 4.25mm, allowing for the whole screen-to-body ratio high up to 91%. What an impressive experience that HONOR 8X brings us! Wide view, freely watch the TV series, HONOR 8X provides the video effective enhancement functions that are self-adaptive to proceed with professional image optimization, in a way to highlight details and reveal more layered sense both in light level and dark level.

More importantly, good image quality also requires to be supplemented with comfortable use experience. HONOR 8X becomes the first one to apply industry leading TUV Rheinland low blue ray eye care certification to the mobile phone, effectively reducing blue ray radiation and protecting your eyes with self-adaptive color temperature adjustment. You can watch TV series for 10h in one day with no feel of fatigue.

Although 91% dominant screen outshines other competent players, for HONOR 8X, the flagship hardware configuration is only a start. HONOR 8X firstly loaded Kirin 710 chip owns big core A73 the same as that in Kirin 970, making its performance upgrade again. And combined with GPU Turbo tech, HONOR 8X’s gameplay capabilities prove to be really stunning, and its operation flow is endurable to sustain in a remarkably smooth way.


HONOR 8X has additional black tech to enrich its highlights, i.e. AI+communication. It is reputed as the first mobile to combine AI and communication properties as one of Huawei’s R&D achievements over 30 years of dedicated efforts.

AI communication’s best killer features are mainly reflected in its four key functions, i.e. AI anti-fake base stations, AI high-speed train mode, AI elevator mode and AI call denoise.

Compared with the previous mobile phone anti-fake base stations that can only conduct 2G network anti-fake, HONOR 8X upgrades to 4G network anti-fake base stations, which can almost identify and defend against all the Trojan links, providing the reliable protection to personal properties.

Imagine that, when you travel on the high-speed train, your mobile phone smartly recognizes each route and activates high-speed train mode, and optimizes the communication capabilities of base stations along each route; AI elevator mode works in the similar mechanism: once the mobile phone recognize you are in the elevator, it will smartly intensify the communication signals and resume 4G network within 3s as fastest.

HONOR 8X initiates AI communication revolution for mobile phones. In other words, it unlocks the access to a whole era of 90% screen-to-body ratio; And other highlights in HONOR 8X come to 20-megapixel AI double-camera, Kirin 710 chip +GPU Turbo and more……

With a variety of flagship software and hardware configuration, HONOR 8X seems to announce its dominant position in the list of the flagship mobile phones. And then consider its friendly pricing, HONOR 8X for sure will remain indivisible in an easy fashion.