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December 10, 2018

HONOR Play Configuration Description

As you all know, our HONOR Play introduces a remarkable technology, GPU Turbo. What on earth is the technology like? Besides GPU Turbo, what other selling points do HONOR Play present us? Let’s explore its configuration parameters to learn more. That’s why so many customers choose HONOR Play.



Kirin 970 Processor, 8 core+ Micro Smart Core i7. To be more concrete, “Micro Smart Core” is exclusively owned by Kirin. Simply speaking, it is a role of auxiliary processor, which means the mobile will still have many sensors on the job (such as step counting, navigation, Bluetooth, fingerprint unlocking and other tasks) when the mobile screen is off. If awaken the main processor, that will waste too much efforts. Instead, simply using “Micro Smart Core” will fix it all, saving the efforts of activating a big core to add the burden of power usage.

Battery capacity

3750 mAh (typical value) big battery, supporting 9V/2A quick charge. Its main usage is gaming, so being supplied with big battery will ensure the gaming play more carefree and enduring.

Screen parameters

6.3-inches big screen, the screen size ratio high up to 89%. How big is 6.3-inches? Maybe it is hard to imagine. HONOR V10 is 5.99-inches, iPhone X and iPhone 8 are 5.8-inches, and HONOR Play is 6.3-inches. With such a big screen, it is more beneficial for your eyes. Take it easy. No need to be always squint when play the game “Player Unknown's Battlegrounds”.

GPU Turbo

GPU Turbo technology, firstly applied on the HONOR Play, now have been upgraded in other HONOR product. As a software/hardware coordinated graphics processing acceleration technology, according to the official sayings, it can realize the performance up by 60% and the power consumption down by 30%. Viewing from the test reviews data, HONOR single threads can rival the multi-thread optimization of Penguin Factory, therefore stimulating the battlefield up to almost full frames.

GPU Turbo Technology currently supports the games like “HONOR of Kings, QQ Speed, Cross Fire, Stimulate the battlefield, PUBG Mobile Army Attack, Wilderness Action”, mostly considered as mainstream games today.

4D Hit

4D Gaming Sensational Experience, mainly referring to the game Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. According to the saying in its Launch Event, HONOR Play applies AI algorithm to match with different scenes for enhancement of sound and touching experience. Currently it provides 10 tags to select with 30+scenes available to choose and adapt, such as different shooting start sounds for variety of “Player Unknown's Battlegrounds”, giving a feeling of recoil after shooting. In other words, when you use AK shooting for a while, your arms will become numb (a desperate lifesaving experience)

Supported sensor list

It supports Environmental light sensor, fingerprint sensor, gyroscope, compass, proximity light sensor, gravity sensor, etc. All-inclusive in one.

HONOR Play’s rear cover uses metal materials, now available with the colors of Magical Night Black, Polar Blue, Star Purple and many other colors, along with the cool play versions in Magical Night Black and Flaming Glamour Red.