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PH blog HONOR 8X- the good looking mobile with low price
December 9, 2018

HONOR 8X- the good looking mobile with low price


HONOR 8X has been released. It is a good-looking device with low price, go on and let explore more:

Color effects created by 15 layers of craftsmanship works

HONOR’s dazzling body colors have always been seen one of stunt techniques in mobile circle. Recently this stunt noticeably influences the tempo of fashion trends, serving as the prototype for those followers by many times. For the control over the colors,HONOR 8X series also follow the progressive principles through creative double texture patching designs to ensure two textures intertwined and collided without radical details.

When you hold the mobile end, you can clearly see that, HONOR 8X inherits the classic HONOR flagship texture effects in the right side of its body to create dazzling variations of aurora and showcase15 layers of craftsmanship works with the light and shade beautifully flowing in varied light beams. The left side of its body takes more sophisticated intertwined texture, a truly creative idea to show the tenderness of light and shade vision. Two kinds of light and shade contrasts form unexpected differences, not feeling strange but finding deeper level of balanced beauty among the harmony and contrast.

Back to the front, HONOR 8X takes display ratio of 19.5: 9, full screen of 2340×1080 screen resolution and only leaves the top center small area for little front notch. 6.5-inches full screen set in 5.5-inches traditional mobile body plus 2.5D glass material keeps the palm-holding feel “online”. The back vertical double-cameras and fingerprint recognition is also set to be included with aluminum alloy center frame acting as the decoration. For ports, 3.5mm earphone port and Micro-USB ports all gather at the bottom of mobile.

A whole era of 90% screen ratio

HONOR 8X series’ most appealing point is to merge the narrow side frame full screen to middle-end mobile, and its screen ratio reaches up to 91%, while 7.12-inches HONOR 8X MAX also has 90.05% screen ratio.

But the reason why HONOR 8X series’ screen ratio can reach beyond 90% is for the close relationships between mobile appearance and inner space, for example, compressing the front camera area to the extreme minimum, or tightening the side frame as narrow as possible, etc. The big key is that HONOR 8X uses flagship COF packaging technology to make screen IC chip integrated at the back of flexible board, reducing bottom antenna space requirement. Also it reflects the concept of divided into two by using double L antenna design.

With the application of unique horizontal and vertical intelligence mode switch technology, HONOR 8X smartly applies the antenna to the side to uplift the space usage of antenna, greatly improve its radiance efficiency and optimize the bandwidth. Passing through thousands of commissioning and tests, it ultimately makes the bottom antenna space reduced by 50%, maintaining the index of antenna performance and compressing the bottom line to the ultra-narrow size of 4.25mm. With the integration of flagship COF packaging tech and folded antenna tech, HONOR 8X’s screen ratio reaches up to 91%, breaking the limit of the vision border in a highly effective way.

Big screen ratio’s most intuitive advantage is to watch videos, exploring website more thorough, and HONOR also further enhances the video effects in this base. To be more specific, It expands the dynamic distribution scopes by adjusting the video contrast ratio, and further enriches the displaying details in highlighted zones and dark zones so that the users can gain more striking sense of multiple layers when watch videos both in dark or bright color levels.

What’s more, HONOR 8X also have smart EMUI 8.2 system and AI techs. If you want to learn more, please go to the product page to view more.