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PH blog HONOR 8X’s Test Review
December 10, 2018

HONOR 8X’s Test Review

HONOR 8X is newly released as an affordable mid-range big screen phone recently. Here, we will have a simple review of this model.


1. HONOR 8X’s fashion display with 6.5-inch 19.5:9 screen

With a big 6.5-inch 19.5:9 screen, HONOR 8X’s screen-to-body ratio reaches up to 91%. In today’s mobile phones all look pretty much similar to each other with a notch, HONOR 8X different from them. Meanwhile, it has a smaller “chin” than that in the times of full-view screens.

2. Kirin 710 Chip is still chasing the frontier

Noticeably HONOR 8X loads Kirin720 Processor, which is positioned as middle-end with 12-nanometer processing and A73 core design. Its specific details have not been disclosed by HONOR official, who only specially emphasizes that, compared with Kirin 659, its singular core performance proves to be up by 75%, multiple core performance up by 68%, GPU up by 130% and EER up by 100%. HONOR 8X’s GPU Turbo tech has passed the gameplay compatibility tests, including Knives out, PUBGMobile and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

To think about the reasoning behind, Kirin Chip mainly focus on the flagship ones, and the key competitor for the last generation middle-end Chip Kirin 659 is Snapdragon 625. And coming to Kirin 710, it can finally skip Snapdragon 636 and directly chase Snapdragon 710. We may say that, before Kirin 710, Huawei still revealed a gap in the middle and high end chip development. Huawei even considered bridging this gap by using last generation flagship processors, which may explain why there emerged so many models of HONOR mobile that loads Kirin 970 upon the launch of Kirin 980.

3. HONOR 8X’s Optimization on “Invisible” Parts

Besides its basic gameplay properties, HONOR has introduced several items of optimization to this new model, although these optimization and improvement is very difficult to define with some testing standards. Below we simply talk about our feelings on the layer of use experience.

The NO.1 highlight refers to the optimization based upon fundamental communication. HONOR 8X merges AI tech into its communication tech. It is intended for blocking pseudo base-stations and also for the recognition of use scenarios like elevators, high-speed trains to optimize network signals. The fuction of blocking pseudo base-station has always been included in the standard configuration of Huawei Mobile, and even built as the chip level. In this new product launch, Huawei further intensifies the stunts by adding with AI elements. As for AI elevator mode and AI High-speed Train mode, we may conclude them as “4G Network Fast Resume”.

According to the official introduction, AI tech in these two functions is mainly applied for recognizing the users’ present environment and network conditions and subsequently proceeding with signal channel optimization based upon the recognized status by the system. For instance, if find no signal in the elevator, AI system will speedily respond 4G signals once out of elevator; and it also fast resume 4G signals when out of fly mode; in the high-speed train, AI helps raise the success rate of opening webs, improve voice quality during calls and even normally play HONOR of Kings.

All these above pertain to the optimization of communication network, but the problem of no signal is not completely resolved (if really no signal, you have no way to use network without placing a base-station there). In such cases, we can only try hard to ensure the signal quality. This is what we say the most fundamental experience optimization applied to the mobile. It is quite hard to determine whether it works well or not. But we ever tried the fly mode of HONOR 8X, as for the signal resume speed, compared to that in P20 Pro, HONOR 8X proves to be quicker by approximately 1s on average.

In addition, HONOR has made substantial progress on the mobile’s eyes care function, which is accredited by TUV Rheinland Low Blue-Ray Certification and photobiological safety certification. The latter refers to the eye safety certification on lighting product as per EN 62471. HONOR 8X with activated eyes care mode shows a Screen Color Temp apparently warmer and yellowish. No worries. It is a normal phenomenon.

4. AI Photo-taking in familiar styles

HONOR mobile always places a high value on AI photo-taking as its best “killer function”. AI photo-taking, so-called “AI Effect” actually refers to the mechanism of automatically recognizing diverse photo scenes and conducting optimization based upon different scenes respectively. The most typical example is the sky showing the best blue color. And you may find the final photo with appealing colors and contrast, no need for later PS. In non-AI mode, the outcome photos itself already indicate a high saturation, while in AI mode, the grass looks more freshly brilliant, and the sky on the glass reflects the blue color in a brighter way.

Furthermore, HONOR 8X provides super night scene mode with exposure extending to 6s at longest, ensuring the output photo taken in night scenes to be in brighter color effects. However, due to the fact that HONOR 8X displays brushing image effects during nights, activating super night scene mode will only make the mass of black appear clearer, but cannot improve the image quality.

When it is well-lighted, HONOR 8X presents more vivid expressiveness with the outcome color and saturation more attractive, while in dim light, the exemplified photo may show some missing details in certain layers, and the brushing traces and noisy points may be slightly exposed.

Conclusion: HONOR 8X, the mid-range mobile with minus and plus

Deducting the “freely gameplay “tag, HONOR 8X raises the bar to a higher level from the appearance and configuration to functions. When you hold it in your palm, you will not feel it as the previous RMB thousand versions. Its detailed design technically do some minus and plus works to the mobile, for example, HONOR 8X does not support NFC functions, it uses Micro USB as the charging ports and its charge speed turns out to be not very satisfactory. But considering the price and final positioning, I reckon we don’t need to be too demanding.

Here offer some mobile phone purchasing recommendations: if you feel this mobile looks smart and have some requirements for its photo, gameplay performance and the size of screen, and you don’t care so much about those missing details, you definitely could place HONOR 8X in your shopping list.