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December 10, 2018

HONOR 8X’s Good Appearance

To recall the peak moment of this year, HONOR has launched many new mobile models, most of which adopt flagship mobile chips, including gameplay featured HONOR Play and authentic flagship series HONOR 10.

Now HONOR launches its new model 8X. Let’s explore and see what kind of product it is. It is said that its display is remarkable, so today’s article will show you the display of this device in details.

As to the display, HONOR 8X’s good appearance gets an edge with sparkling details and big screen


HONOR 8X’s two details instantly attract my attentions when I see it at the first time. Point 1, this mobile feels a little thick; Point 2, the back is designed with special collage textures.

HONOR 8X features a standard design of double-sided glass + metal middle frame, and all the transition parts between the upper /lower glass and frame are set with shock absorption structure. In this way, this mobile gives the users a little thick feel both in look & touch. The good point is that these two layers of shock absorption structures are linked up very naturally, without impacting the handheld feel. Then take a close look at the collage design on the back, the most incredible details to discover when you flip over the mobile. HONOR even adds a novel element to this base layout, namely, double texture collage detailing. Quite easy to find that, this looming texture is mostly used for enhancing the recognition identity of the mobile, and these intended design details also beautify the mobile remarkably. Purely judging from "good looking" aspect, HONOR 8X truly adds to the aesthetic tastes in its appearance by introducing such an artistic detailing.

With its screen-to-body ratio reaches up to 91%, HONOR 8X’s 6.5-inch 19.5:9 screen seems really big in size, but actually those mobile phones now all look pretty much similar to each other in this aspect, as currently the mobile market is visibly dominated by “notch screens”. The bottom width of screen is measured as 4.25 mm, showing a much narrower “chin” than the earlier version of full-screen models. HONOR 8X has a smaller “chin” than that in the times of full-view screens.

In the end, to let’s have a general look at this model. Below is the configuration info of HONOR 8X for your reference:

HONOR 8x adopts 6.5-inch 19.5: 9 screen, firstly loads Kirin 710 Processor, its run memory is set with optional 4GB/6GB, its body storage divided by 64GB+128GB, buit-in 3750 mAh battery and 20-megapixel +200-megapixel back double-cameras, 16-megapixel front camera and supporting AI scene recognition, AI backlighting portraits and more.

If you are interested in this good-looking mid-range HONOR phone, you can read more info from its official site.