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December 10, 2018

HONOR 8X’s Performance Highlights


As we all know, HONOR 8X has been released with magic features, among which there are some key highlights which push the HONOR 8X performance well.

The flagship processor: Kirin 710

HONOR 8X loads Kirin 710 flagship processor, which is Kirin’s first 12mm manufacturing processor, and takes flagship A73 big core design. Compared with last generation products, its CPU singular core performance proves to be up by 75% and multi-core performance up by 68%. For image processing, it uses new CPU chip to achieve GPU performance up by 130% and EER up by 100%. It owns the storage combo of 6 GB+128 GB, with battery capacity of 3750mAh.

As for “One battle to fame” GPU Turbo, HONOR 8X series does not ignore it as well. As the image process acceleration technology with software and hardware synergy, it breaks the boundary of software and hardware, and eliminates the bottlenecks between EMUI OS and GPU and CPU, making the image processing efficiency up by 60% and SoC energy consumption down by 30%. HONOR 8X continuously outputs stable and high frame rate gaming pictures, and easily access into high-speed channels, wholly competing for super speedy experience.

More Flowing EMUI8.2 Smart System

From the perspective of system, HONOR 8X loads EMUI8.2 Smart system. Besides such common functions of magazine lock screen and HiBoard, it also supports face unlocking, new Intelligence Entry- One Button Awaken Smart, travel assistant and other new ones. EMUI8.2 executes multi-core heterogeneous resource deployment based on AI 2.0 and enables the application resources to sense the deployment, thus greatly improving system flowing properties to help the system response rate up by 60% and the operation flowing rate up by 50%.

It is worthy to be noted that, HONOR 8X also updates Mobile Lost &Found 2.0. In the process of mobile use, it will guide you by pop-up hints to open “Check My Mobile” in “Setting” to avoid the loss of your properties before it really occurs. And once the mobile is lost, HONOR 8X will continuously track and send the locations, and activate power saving mode to uplift searching success rate. Meanwhile, it can effectively prevent the data leakage and avoid flash crack through double protection.

AI +Communication techs

As we all know, Communication has always been one of the advantage domains in HONOR Mobile, and based up the legacy of previous communication techs, HONOR 8X combines the use of AI tech, i.e. AI empowered anti-fake base station. Based on real and fake base stations’ big data, this AI empowered base station uses cloud machine learning and training to generate anti-fake base station recognition algorithm, and transplants this algorithm to the mobile for intelligence recognition judgment. By raising the horizons to respond to vast volume of fake base station attacks, this AI empowered base station can protect the users’ mobile safety with great efficiency. Meanwhile, HONOR 8X series also resolve the problems of such attacking actions as doing frauds and sending SMS spam through LTE anti-fake base stations redirected to GSM fake base stations, considered as the first mobile to support LTE fake base station interception.

HONOR 8X also firstly provides the newly developed “Elevator Mode” and updated “High-speed Train Mode”. “AI Elevator Mode” refers to intelligent recognition of the elevator access status during the elevator running period, and if detect no signal in the elevator room, to resume 4G signals when the user goes out of elevators quickly. And through big data training, it can accurately recognize the site of the user by analyzing the related locations and internet conditions and then rapidly connect to the optimum network channel with the signal connection rate reaching a second-level. In other words, when we use HONOR 8X, “Elevator Mode” can ensure the switch between in and out of the elevators without any delay, no impacts on calls and other operations.

“AI High-speed Train Mode” can quickly resume the internet connection once the user is off the internet, and ensure long-time call without interrupts as well as more smooth operations of high-speed train website open success rate and Wechat voice videos. Additionally, HONOR 8X firstly announces the use of 4G anti-fake base station to refrain the fake base stations spreading fraud information in a wider range. Subsequently, we will experience “Elevator Mode” with more details, and compare HONOR 8X that features AI + communication techs with other mobile phones to dig out the differences.

Unique Vertical: 20-megapixels double cameras

HONOR 8X adopts 20-megapixels double vertical camera design and F1.8 big aperture. Through close-up photos, we can clearly see that 20-megapixels camera is really “huge”. Based upon the hardware, HONOR also upgrades AI photography to intelligently recognize the motions of animals/food/nature/portraits and totally 22 class tags and 500 scenes in the shooting Regarding front built-in units, HONOR 8X loads a 16-megapixels HD camera to gain more accurate differential smart beauty based upon AI image recognition technology.

What is worthy to mention that, HONOR 8X series also introduce AI super night scenes more commonly seen in high-end flagship products, namely, Handheld Night Scenes Mode. In addition to the longest 6s exposure, HONOR 8x leverages AI anti-shake technology to improve the performance of brightness, colors and noise performances in night scenes; It uses AI algorithm to stabilize the pictures, improves the dynamic range of night photos, raises the brightness of the picture in the extremely dark environment, ensuring the users to obtain stable and clear photo outcomes. What is more, HONOR 8X also supports super slow motions, 3D Image light effects and many other functions. In actual practice of photo-shooting, the picture outcomes will turn out to be more vibrant in colors and the color contrasts in landscapes and food will display more richness of luster.