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PH blog HONOR 10 Review
December 21, 2018

HONOR 10 Review

When choosing smartphones, which aspects will you pay more attentions to? HONOR 10, as a mid-range flagship mobile phone, is featured by its photography performance. This article will give you a brief review of HONOR 10.


We will review the HONOR 10 from the following four points:

1) Display

First, let’s look at the display of HONOR 10. From the front, we can see that HONOR 10 has a new aurora glass design which reflects vivid colors from every direction. You can see different colors from the different angles. Meanwhile, its 5.84 inches 19:9 screen ratio full view screen display is perfect for a one-hand grip. On its back, we can see two cameras which is side-by-side, furthermore, on the upper right corner of the back, you can see “AI CAMERA”, which highlights the intelligence of cameras. In short, it can be said a good-looking smartphone.

HONOR 10 display

2) Camera

HONOR 10 is featured by its camera. With its AI camera, you can be a professional photographer from an amateur. Its 24MP+16MP AI camera with F1.8 wide aperture can support you to take pictures easily as long as you want. Its real-time recognition functions can recognize 500+ scenarios in 22 categories. What’s more, it has perfect selfies and AI portrait mode, 3D lights, 4-in-1 light-fusion technology which can enhance your photography skill so that you can get better photos than other devices.

3) Battery life

HONOR 10 has 3400mAh large battery, which can be charged to 50% in 25 minutes. Meanwhile, with its battery life, you can use the phone in a whole day, 3400mAh is typical value, with its HONOR supercharge, you do not to worry your device will be out of juice easily. Even it is running out of power, you can solve it soon with its supercharge in 25 minutes. Therefore the battery life of HONOR 10 is good enough for normal use.

4) Processor performance

HONOR 10 is powered by Kirin 970 chipset, which enhance the user experience in a faster and smarter way. Kirin 970’s stronger and smarter core are powered by independent NPU. The built-in NPU can constantly learn about your usage behaviors so that you can enjoy a faster, stronger and smoother smartphone experience.

In conclusion, HONOR 10 is a flagship smartphone which highlight with its camera features. If you want to buy a smartphone with good camera, HONOR 10 will be a good choice. Certainly, it has other features like security unlocking ways, dual-SIM, and good ROM & RAM memory. Therefore, HONOR 10 is a remarkable smartphone with a beauty in its AI camera.

If you pay much attention on the smartphone camera, you can choose HONOR 10. You will find your money are costed well.