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PH blog Compare Mobile Phone Deals: HONOR 10 Lite vs HONOR 8X (Part Two)
March 13, 2019

Compare Mobile Phone Deals: HONOR 10 Lite vs HONOR 8X (Part Two)

In the previous article Compare Mobile Phone Deals: HONOR 10 Lite vs HONOR 8X (Part One), we talked about performance, price, design, and display. Have you chosen a mobile phone that is more suitable for you? If not, no worries. In this part, we will provide more factors for you to select.

Rear Camera & Front Camera

It’s a topic that photography enthusiasts are passionate about. The rear camera of HONOR 8X is always praised by its users. The 20MP AI main camera with an f/1.8 aperture, adding 2MP depth sensor lens, brings you professional-level photography. Whether you want to take smart AI pictures or large-aperture works, the HONOR 8X can satisfy you. However, the HONOR 10 Lite's rear camera is slightly inferior to the HONOR 8X in terms of pixels. It comes with the 13MP+2MP dual-lens AI camera. But its other camera functions are not inferior to the HONOR 8X. Its AI multi-scene recognition can also identify 22 different categories of objects in images and 500 scenarios in real-time. What’s more, the upgraded camera increases the lighting exposure. You can take night shots in under six seconds of exposure with the anti-shake feature in super night shoot mode. Stunning night time shots no longer need professional skills.

Compare Mobile Phone Deals: HONOR 10 Lite vs HONOR 8X (Part Two)-HONOR 10 Lite

Although in the rear camera, HONOR 10 Lite may be better than HONOR 8X, it is still very advantageous in the self-timer function. The HONOR 8X has 16MP front camera with an f/2.0 aperture lens, whereas the HONOR 10 Lite comes with 24 MP AI selfie camera with an f/2.0 aperture. The high-pixel front camera, combined with a 4-in-1 light fusion technology and exposure compensation technology, offers a superior selfie experience in both day and night lighting. The AI front camera recognizes eight selfie scenarios and even optimizes the background of the photo so you always stand out. What’s more, the new AI beauty algorithm can customize beauty effects based on your age, gender and skin tone, allowing for a stunning yet natural look.

In brief, if you want a flagship-level camera to record surroundings in your life, choose the HONOR 8X. But if you are keen on recording the beauty of your friends and you or yourself, the HONOR 10 Lite is your best choice.

Battery Size & Battery Charging

How long your mobile phone can last depends on many factors. Undoubtedly, the battery size is the most direct and best judged. According to the battery size, the HONOR 8X looks bigger. It features the non-removable Li-Po 3750mAh battery while the HONOR 10 Lite’s battery is 3400mah. As for the battery charging, they both support the 5V/2A charger. Their charging speed should not differ much. The difference between this item is not too big, and the HONOR 8X wins a little.

After our comparison in part one and part two, have you chosen your more favorite mobile phone, the HONOR 8X or the HONOR 10 Lite?