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PH blog Best Budget Smartphones 2018 in Philippines
January 21, 2019

Best Budget Smartphones 2018 in Philippines

Nowadays, smartphones are popularly used by people. Nearly everyone has a smartphone. We can see that 2018 just passed, the newly 2019 is coming. If you want to buy a new phone, we can give you some suggestions. As a device for daily use, more and more people choose the budget smartphone to satisfy the basic need. Therefore, we will show you the best budget smartphone 2018 in Philippines.

First of all, let me show you the top three HONOR best-sellers: HONOR 8X, HONOR Play, HONOR 10. All of them has its special magic features. Here let go on reading and find more about them.



HONOR 8X is a relatively lower priced model with high popularity among young people. Due to its late release, it has a very high cost performance.

The people choose it because of its 6.5-inch screen with a narrow chin, 4G memory start, 2000W+1600W main camera plus 1600W front camera. The most prominent part of this phone is its screen proportion: its screen ratio is 91%, which is really rear.

Meanwhile, the Kirin710 processor, which retains the headphone jack, supports a variety of AI scene modes for taking photos, and the 3750mAh battery has smart power-saving features. Moreover, its unique eye comfort mode can prevent eye fatigue. You can also enjoy the super night shot to take pro picture of night. What’s more important is that its price is the lowest among the three best-sellers.

2. HONOR Play


HONOR Play is also one of the favorite models of the most people. It is a model designed for the gamers. Compared with other two model, HONOR Play’s game performance is particularly stronger because of its Kirin970 processor, which is born to help you enjoy 4G video and 3G audio game experience.

Its GPU Turbo helps the users to enjoy great speed. With a 6.3-inch screen of 2,340 * 1,089 and a screen of 409ppi, it's also a great screen. Therefore, if you want a budget smartphone for playing games, HONOR Play is a good choice.

3. HONOR 10


HONOR 10 is a flagship smartphone with best camera. Its 5.84 inches display cater for the people who love small package. Its aurora glass design are special. Meanwhile, its Kirin 970 processor can give you a fast-speed phone experience. The last and most important thing is its camera: 24MP AI camera with many pro magic features, which pushes you to take pro photos and videos with ease. If you are the people who love take pictures or videos to record the happy moments of life, you can choose HONOR 10. Although its price is relatively higher than HONOR Play and HONOR 8X, it still can be the best budget smartphone if you are the people who put camera on the top of your need. That is to say, which one is the best depend on your real need.

To sum up, if you don’t have special need, HONOR 8X can be the best budget smartphone 2018 in Philippines. If you are the game lover, HONOR Play will be your best budget smartphone. If you put camera in to the first position, we surly recommend you HONOR 10 as your first choice.