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1. How can I make payment?

1) Click on Apply Coupons, if applicable, and submit the order.
2) Once you have successfully placed the order, you can select the Payment Method.
3) You may review your order details and once done, proceed to the MAKE PAYMENT option.

2. What are the available payment methods?

The available payment method for HONOR Online Store purchases would be the FPX (Online Banking) payment method and Credit Card or Debit Card payment method.
Please note that you may only use the Malaysia credit/debit card or Malaysia online banking to make the payment, and payment installment is not supported.
You can check the latest supported payment methods with our customer service representative from 9am to 9pm daily.

3. Does HONOR set any maximum transaction limit?

Transaction limit is set by your corresponding bank. If you have any questions, you are advised to consult your corresponding bank.

4. Can I make separate payment if the amount of payment for an order exceeds the payment limit?

Payment for an order can only be made once. You are advisable to contact your corresponding bank to increase your maximum transaction limit.

5. If I want to cancel the order after payment, how can I get refund?

Currently we do not support Refund policy if the product does not have quality problems.

6. Is the delivery charge amount displayed in an invoice?

It depends whether your order is being charged for a delivery fee. For example, if purchases worth less than RM300, the invoice includes the delivery fee, the amount will be displayed. If purchases worth more than RM300, delivery is free.

7. Can you assist me to change the information in the invoice for office usage or any others?

Sorry, invoice will only state the model, quantity and amount that you have purchased and cannot be changed.

8. Am I entitled to the warranty service if I lost my invoice?

Don’t worry, you may provide the serial number attached on the machine to our after-sales service representative. They will be able to track in our system whether it is still within warranty period.

9. If one order includes multiple mobile phones, can the invoice be generated separately for each mobile phone?

By default, there is only one invoice will generate for each order. We will not generate separately for each mobile phone.

10. I have made a bank transfer and I still have not gotten my confirmation email?

You should receive your confirmation email within the same day. If you've not received the email, please contact our agent or call our customer service from 9am to 9pm daily.

11. Is instalment payment available for purchase made in our online store?

Yes. 6/12/24 months interest-free instalment is provided by Maybank. Please note that the 6/12/24 months instalment may vary for different products, kindly check with Maybank directly or visit Maybank website page at for further details.

12. Can I pay when goods arrived?

Unfortunately, HONOR does not support cash on delivery payment method at the moment.

13. Can I combine several orders that I have purchased?

Sorry, currently our system does not support this function. If you have not make payment, you are advised to cancel the order and submit a new order.

14. What if I was charged an incorrect amount?

If you have been charged an incorrect amount for your order, please contact our agent (9am to 9pm daily) and provide your order number and proof of payment.

15. What if I can’t make a payment on HONOR Online Store?

If you fail to make a payment on HONOR Online Store, please contact our agent directly and prepare your order number before calling.
Please note that the available payment method for Online Store purchases would be the (FPX) banking and debit card payment method as of this moment. Only local bank cards are supported. If you use the payment other than these above, the order could not be paid.


1. Delivery Partner and Service

HONOR Online Store Delivery partner:DHL e-Commerce
Delivery area:The entire Peninsular Malaysia and certain locations in East Malaysia.

2. Delivery charges for purchasing on HONOR Online Store

For HONOR Online Store, free delivery is only applicable for purchases above RM300.
For purchases worth less than RM300, delivery charges will be RM15.

3. Where are my goods shipped from?

HONOR goods are shipped from our warehouse in Malaysia.

4. Can I reject the parcel when purchasing online?

You are not advised to reject the parcel. You can talk to our agent to amend your shipment information or for further assistance.

5. Should I pay for the delivery charges if I reject the parcel?

Delivery charges will not be returned if you reject the parcel to return the device. If you have more questions, Please contact our agent (9am to 9pm daily) and prepare your order number before calling.

6. Can I choose the delivery time?

Please contact with our delivery partner DHL e-Commerce for further help. They will do their best to support you.

7. What if I haven't received my free gift?

The Free gifts may be delivered separately to you. Please contact our agent (9am to 9pm daily) to know more about your order delivery status.

8. What can I do if my items have not arrived yet?

You may check the delivery status at DHL official website:
If your order is not delivered within a timeframe under normal condition, you may:
• Contact our agent (9am to 9pm daily)
• Contact us via HONOR Hotline Service at 1800-88-5645 or email at with your order number prepared in advance.

9. Can HONOR deliver my order to overseas?

Please note that currently all HONOR online store purchases should be delivered within Malaysia only.

10. Can my order be delivered to an office address?

Sure. Please enter the address at Shipping Information upon checkout.

11. What if my parcel get lost during transportation?

Please contact our customer service representative. Kindly prepare your order number before consultation.

12. What if the device get damaged during transportation?

Please refuse the parcel if the package was seriously damaged and please also contact our customer service representative hotline at 1800-88-5645 or agent (9am to 9pm daily) or email at within 24 hours after the parcel arrived and prepare your order number before transferring or calling.

13. The system displays that the parcel has been received after it was rejected

Please contact our customer service representative hotline at 1800-88-5645 or agent (9am to 9pm daily) or email at and prepare your order number before transferring or calling.


If you purchase products through this website and the products are defective or found to be defective, your statutory consumer rights may apply. These statutory consumer rights apply in addition to the rights you are entitled to under HONOR's Warranty Policy. If the products you have purchased do not work properly or are not functional, you can return the products. If the test result after our examination shows that the product is defective or faulty, we shall repair it in accordance with consumer law applicable in Malaysia. You can refer to our Warranty Policy and Return and Exchange Policy and for further details.

Note: We also recommend that you use the original packaging when returning the products.