Sep 22nd - Nov 30th
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Everyone can be seen as a floating island, carrying his or her own stories and sceneries. The shutter only takes an instant, but what it records is the calmness after time passes by, or the childishness that has not yet entered the adult world.

Dark Night

Dark Night

When the earth falls into slumber and the darkness descends, it is a mysterious and magical dark world, yet also a spiritual dive into solitude; it is the ocean of stars within grasps, yet also the romantic dazzle of the moon.



Spectacular views of high mountains and great rivers away from cities, edges of the world with little human trace, changing scenery as seasons shift, tranquil morning mist, fleeting pinkish sunset clouds, and all the tiny moments in life that happen within a split seconds … The beautiful scenery can be anywhere when we pay attention.



The concept of abstract could be an interpretation and expression of emotions, a touch of childish fantasy or an tacit understanding of the unspoken words. It originates from inner desire. Use points, lines, planes and colors to convert characters into symbols and freeze the frames of visuals.



With the first ray of sunlight, People start a day either exciting, trivial or disorganized. No matter how different the day is, everyone can find a moment worthy of freezing.

Dusk And Dawn

Dusk And Dawn

In the early morning, the sun rises from the east, the light shines through the clouds, or simply brightens the cyan sky. The sunshine is dazzling and warm, its glory awakens everything. At dusk, the sunset is dreamy and enchanting, fleeting but alluring, leading the earth to a peaceful night.



Every city has its own style. Either lively and noisy, or light and quiet. Countless people hustle through the city, but only when they stop the steps and look up, the loveliness and charm of this steel-made city can be seen.



Nature has its routines. Every creature is lovely, bright and pretty. They are speakers of nature. The sounds that insects and birds are chanting are beautiful as poetry. They are paint brushes of nature. Different colors can all be rich in various flowers. Living by your side or anywhere else, no matter the distances, they are always the best company.

Entry Requirements

Entries should be shot by HONOR smartphones (any models) and contain complete EXIF data.

Photo shall not be less than 1000 pixels on the shortest side.

Size ≤ 30 MB.

Format: JPG


HONOR MAGIC MOMENTS Awards (hereinafter referred to as the "Competition") is a professional mobile phone image Competition organized by Honor Device Co., Ltd. and its global affiliates (the "Organizer" or "HONOR") for global consumers. Following the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, the Competition selects high-quality images from all over the world and hereby formulates and implements the following clauses.

Q1: Who can enter for the Competition?

(1) All participants in this Competition must be at least 18 years old or the legal age of the majority in your area;

(2) The work shall have never been disclosed or published, and participants are not allowed to use the works that have won prizes in other competitions for the Competition.

Q2: How to enter for the Competition?

(1) Participants can log in on the official website of the contest, fill in My Profile, and upload entries in accordance with relevant requirements.

(2) Other official cooperation channels are also available for entering for the Competition.

Q3: How is the Competition scheduled?

(1) Submission: September 22nd - November 30th , 2021

(2) Evaluation: December 1st - December 10th , 2021

(3) Winner Announcement: December 16th, 2021

Q4: What should I pay attention to in the submission content?

Please strictly follow the requirements in the entry agreement, and do not upload works containing illegal information, including pornography, violence and terror; do not create any materials that discriminate against race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age or contains any discriminatory, unlawful contents or conducts that may give rise to civil or criminal liability under applicable law. If your work violates public order, good customs, or has any factors that do not meet the requirements of the entry agreement, it shall be deemed as failure to meet the entry criteria and shall not enter for the Competition

Q5: Entries can be created only with HONOR mobile phones?

Yes, please note that the entries in this Competition can only be shot by HONOR phones (any models). Please indicate the actual model used for the shooting when submitting your entries.

Q6: Are there any limitations on the specification for works I submit?

Please ensure that your entries are in jpg format, that the photo shall not be less than 1000 pixels on the shortest side, that the data volume of a single photo is not more than 30 MB and that the photo contains complete EXIF data. If post-processing is required for the pictures, please use HONOR phones (third-party software is accepted) for the processing.

Q7: Can I submit my entries to multiple channels?

You can choose multiple photography for submission with each work (group) for one unit only.

Q8: What should I do if the work fails to be uploaded?

If you have any problems in uploading your works, please contact the Organizer at

Q9: What other information do I need to provide apart from submitting my work?

To verify the identity of participants, check the entries and other services, we will collect and process your My Profile according to the privacy statement of this Competition within the scope permitted by the above purposes and applicable laws. When submitting the work, you only need to provide information about the registered account. Please provide your name, contact telephone number, email address and mailing address, and other accurate and valid My Profile to verify your identity after you win the prize. After the Competition, the Organizer will verify the registration information of the winners. If the prize fails to be sent out due to incomplete or incorrect My Profile of the winner, it shall be deemed that the winner automatically waives the right to win the prize, and the Organizer will not re-deliver the prize.

Q10: How does the appraisal mechanism work?

The Competition staff will review all entries, and only works that passed in review are allowed to enter the appraisal stage. After the entry deadline, the organizing committee of the Competition will determine the finalists for the final appraisal according to the appraisal requirements of the entries.

Q11: Can I use my entries for other competitions?

Please do not use your entries for other competitions. Do not use the works that have been transferred or authorized to a third party as entries. During the Competition, please do not transfer or authorize the entries to any third party or use the entries for other competitions. In each case, the Organizer has the right to cancel your qualification for entry and award. If you fail to fulfill the obligation to transfer or authorize relevant copyright to the Organizer and its partners after you win the prize, it shall be deemed that you voluntarily give up the awards and bonuses you obtain in this Competition, and the Organizer can continue to keep all online and offline promotional materials containing entries and participant's introduction.

Q12: Is there any bonus or prize for the winner?

Yes, three types of awards and corresponding prizes and bonuses (before tax) are set in this Competition:

1. Photograher of the Year Award (3 winners)

    - Bonus for creation $10,000 (before tax)

    - HONOR Magic3 Pro+ (or equivalent bonus)

2. Excellence Award: (2 winners in each group, 16 winners in total)

    - Bonus for creation $1,000 (before tax)

    - HONOR Magic3 Pro+ (or equivalent bonus)

3. Recommendation Award (2 winners in each group, 16 winners in total)

    - HONOR Magic3 Pro+ (or equivalent bonus)