About Us
We believe that our life, consisting of countless tiny moments, is wonderful and great. Every touching and beautiful moment deserves to be captured with HONOR that is enabled by science and technology. Recording marvelous life by capturing every extraordinary and precious moment as well as every contre-jour shot. -- This the essence of HONOR MAGIC MOMENTS AWARDS.

This award aims at breaking through the boundary of dynamic visual expression through innovative technology, and establishing a global exchange platform of mobile photography around mobile phone shooting experience and lens expression; tapping the creative inspiration of the public and new filmmakers, and shaping new forces influencing culture through your unique aesthetic and rich practical experience, and assisting creators to realize their dreams, and discovering more new generation of high-quality creative talents through the incentive mechanism.
Prizes And Awards
Photographer of the  Year Award $10,000 HONOR Magic3 Pro+ x 1
or equivalent bonus
(3 Winners)
Excellence   Award $1,000 HONOR Magic3 Pro+ x 1
or equivalent bonus
(2 Winners / Theme)
Photographer of the  Year Award $10,000 HONOR Magic3 Pro+ x 1
or equivalent bonus
(3 Winners)
Recommendation  Award HONOR
Magic3 Pro+ x 1
or equivalent bonus (2 Winners / Theme)
The aforementioned prizes are pre-tax amounts. The colors of physical prizes are chosen at random.
Our Judges
Li Ge
President of China Photographers Association
Geir Skaaden
Chief Product and Services Officer of Xperi
Loren Nielsen
Member of the Board of Directors of the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA)
Fu Yongjun
Well-known photographer and curator
Wang Jun
Chief Technical Expert of HONOR Imaging
More judges
Categories And Themes
  • Portrait
    Pretty eyes with bright teeth, or a senior man with gray hair; immature or stalwart, these are all chapters of life.
  • Dark Night
    The glittering milky way stretches for thousands of miles in the silent night. As we look up at the sky, all we see is pure beauty.
  • Landscape
    Glory of sunset, waves and sand - the beauty of nature brings you pleasant surprises.
  • Abstract
    Knock over the palette in your hand. Show us the world to your understanding.
  • Documentary
    Life is full of moments worth catching, whatever it is trivial or moving.
  • Dusk and Dawn
    In the early morning or at sunset, during the magical golden hours, the charming and intoxicating colors have seen countless changes.
  • Cityscape
    The cities are full of skyscrapers and charming neon lights. Each corner of the cities have their own stories.
  • Creatures
    Nimble as hare, demure as virgin - there are a variety of motions wherever it appears.
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Contest Timeline
Work Submission: Sep 22nd, 2021 - Nov 30th, 2021
Work Review: Dec 1st, 2021 - Dec 10th, 2021
Winner Announcement: Dec 16th, 2021
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