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HONOR 70 reviews

HONOR 70 Reviews

Reviewers from around the world are weighing in on HONOR 70.
Here are some of their reactions and images:

HONOR 70 review from EISA


"This smartphone offers the best photographic quality in its class, and boasts a modern, slim finish with gentle curves, outperforming the price point. This is a remarkable achievement from HONOR."

HONOR 70 review from Android Headlines
Android Headlines

Flagship Features in a Mid-Range Package

“Its specifications are nothing to scoff at, while the phone also looks very nice, and has a different in-hand feel than you may think. ”

HONOR 70 review from TechRadar

One of the Best Android Phones of the Year

“The Honor 70 is an attractive phone with good specs for the price,particularly in the camera, processor and design departments - it feels like a premium phone in most ways.”

HONOR 70 review from Android Authority
Android Authority

A Mid-Range Phone Really Stands out

“It’s not every day that a mid-range phone really stands out from the crowd. But you have to take notice when it offers flagship specs at a mid-end price. “

HONOR 70 review from Gadget Match
Gadget Match

A Fashion Accessory

“If you’re fond of silver or white gold, the smartphone can instantly
complement your outfit and even become a fashion accessory. “

HONOR 70 review from Gadget Match

Great-looking finishes for its back and
an eye-catching camera setup.

HONOR 70 review from Gadget Match
Android Billboard

It’s perfect for video and pictures.


The One Phone We Actually Want This Year.

“Not only does it look stunning, but it's powerful enough to perform any task
you want it to while also surviving a full day without needing a recharge.”

Tech Advisor

A Solid Mid-Range Option for 2022

“The HONOR 70 impresses beyond its good looks and is set to be a solid mid-range option for 2022.”

HONOR 70 product overview
HONOR 70 product overview

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