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Terms and Conditions for Honor 8C Launch

Update time:2019-05-08

Terms and Conditions


The Honor 8C Launch event starts on the 24thof November and will be carried on till 4th December. The event is organized topromote the launch of the latest smartphone Honor 8C. The event will include aspin the wheel lottery, Bidding to win, Re 1 sale , Answer 2 win and otherexciting activities.


1. Spin to Win - This activity will only be running onthe Honor Store official APP. In this activity, the user is expected tolog in and click on the start button to spin the wheel. If the needle stops atone of the Honor products, then the user will be deemed as the winner for thatproduct. Following are the details:

How to Play:

· Download the HonorStore app

· Sign in or Sign upto https://www.hihonor.com/in/index.html

· Click on the startbutton to spin the wheel

· Once the spin ends,thepin will indicate your prize

· A participant isallowed to play the game thrice a day


1 Honor 8C

1 Honor 7C

2 Honor 7S Phones

5 Honor Bands

Winners will be notified through Email from:honorcontest@huawei.com . Winners are expected to reply within 14 days of receivingthe mail with the required information otherwise their prize will be deemed asforfeited. Participant can only win once during the full event.

We also request the winners to mail usat honorcontest@huawei.com if they dont hear from us till the 10th ofSeptember.

2. Live stream event - Our live launch will be casted on our eventpage on 29th of November. During our live launch streaming we would ask theviewers questions and the viewers have to reply on the live chat with theanswers to those questions. Participants with right answers will stand a chanceof winning a brand new Honor 8C. This activity will have only one winner, whowill be chosen based on their answers.

3. Answer and Win - On our event page, question regardingHonor 8C would be posted everyday of the teaser phase till 28th November.Participants will have to log in and answer the simple questions. Lucky winnerswill be selected from the list of right answers and be awarded Earphones. 5earphones will be given out to 5 winners daily, meaning a total of 20 earphonesspanning 4 days.

One Lucky winner from the list of participantswho answer all 4 questions correctly over the 4 days will win an Honor 8Csmartphone.

4. Bid 2 Win

Abidding activity will be conducted post the launch of Honor 8C. The activitystarts on 29th November andgoes on till 4th December12 PM.

Inthis activity the bidder has to log in and make a bid for the brand new Honor8C. Two lowest and Unique bids made in the duration of this activity will be awardedHonor 8C smartphones.

Howto Win rules:

1. Participant needs to be registered on HonorIndia website

2. Participant needs to sign up/sign in to theHonor India website

3. Participant needs to enter their bid andsubmit the number

4. Participant can edit their bid as manytimes they want but only their latest bid would be considered for the game

5 Two participants who bid with thelowest unique value till 12PM of 4th December will be declared asthe winners for the launch event

6. Winners will be announced post 4thDecember.

5. First Sale on 10th December

Honor 8C will go on sale on the 10th of December@ 12 AM. From the list of buyers who buy on 10th December itself, 100 lucky buyers will be selected to win mobile accessories.

6. One-derful Sale

Honor8C will be available for Re 1 on 4th December 11:45 AM, for a verylimited time and for very limited stock. Only registered users can participate andtry winning the phone at just Re 1.

7. Lucky Subscribers : From the list of people who subscribe on the event page and share the page on Facebook/Twitter , emails will be picked at random and those subsribers will win brand new Honor 8C smartphones. For this activity, both the list of subscribers at the Event page: https://www.hihonor.com/in/honor-8c-launch.html and the Honor 8C product page would be considered. So subscribe now to increase your chances of winning!!

8. Paytm Offer: All the buyers who buy the phone on 10th December will be valid for a cashback of Rs 200 flat. THe cashback will not be instant and will be credited to the users Paytm account in 10 working days.


Customers will have to register to the HonorIndia website to be able to submit their answers. The registration would beconsidered as a consent from the customer to receive further communicationregarding the Event, prize confirmation and other Honor India promotions.

Who can participate?

1. The Event is open to Indian residents,aged 18years old and above, except residents of Tamil Nadu (in view of the provisionsof the Tamil Nadu Prize Scheme (Prohibition) Act, 1979) and anyother regionwhere a lucky draw or similar event is prohibited

2. The Event is applicable within India only

3. Employees of Huawei, their subsidiaries andaffiliates, or of other companies/suppliers/advertising agencies/ eventmanagement companies associated with the promotion of this Event, as well asthe immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, andchildren, and each of theirrespective spouses) and household members of each such employee are noteligible

4. PrizeDistribution & Delivery

5. Winners will benotified on their submitted emails about their prizes

6. Winners will have toreply back to our mail, with the required info asked from them ( Mailingaddress , phone number, etc.)

7. Winners that dontrevert back within 2 weeks of intimation will forfeit their prize.

8. Winners might get theprizes directly shipped to their provided mailing address.

9. In some cases winnermay directly be given a full value coupon for the prize and will have to usethat coupon to buy the product from our india site.

10. Incase of coupons, thewinner will be expected to pay the minimal shipping cost for the product.

Privacyand Personal Information

Personal information collected fromparticipants will be used by Honor for the purpose of delivering prizes to thewinners. Honor shall not sell, share or disclose personal information ofparticipants with third parties, other than third parties engaged by Honor tofulfill the above purposes.

Other Terms and Conditions

11. Images are for referencepurposes only. All test data was obtained during Huawei laboratory tests and isprovided for reference only.

12. By participating in this event,you should and will be deemed to have read,understand and duly agree to ourTerms and Conditions.

13. By participating in this event,you agree and provide consent to Huawei and Honor store to the use of anypersonal data as provided by you for the purposeof participation to the extentthat any personal data provided shall only be processed and be used by Huaweifor lawful purpose directly related to therunning of events including but notlimited to the purposes of promotionalevents, advertising, marketing and anyadministrative matters to facilitate themanagement and organizing of theevents.

14. By entering into this Event andaccepting prize, the winner(s) waives all copyrights, rights of publicity andany related rights and specificallyconsents to our right to autography,videography, picture, tape or portrayhim/her as the winner and to exhibit thismaterial in any and all media nowexisting or hereinafter created, including(without limitation) television,film, radio and print media without anycompensation whatsoever for such advertising and publicity. The winner(s) alsoprovide consent for Huawei’s unconditional right to use his/her name, voiceor picture or thecontents of his/her entry either directly or through Huawei.

15. Huawei reserves the right atall times to modify or amend the Terms and Conditions of this promotional Eventor cancel it with immediate effect without giving anyprior notice to any party.

16. Participant hereby agrees toindemnify and keep Huawei, its parent, affiliate,associated companies, itsevent management company and their respectivedirectors, officers, employees,contractors and agents, indemnified against anyand all kind of damages, losses,claims(including but not limited to thirdparty claims), injuries, demand,costs, fees, suits, judgments, expenses,fines, penalties, taxes, charges andany other liability of any kind or naturewhatsoever imposed by or payable toany statutory authority or by any thirdparty to the extent they areattributable to any express or implied act,default or omission of theParticipants or to any breach or non-compliance bythe Participants of any ofthese terms and conditions (or due to the use ormisuse of any product purchasedby the Participants.) and/or such liability arising out of any act of omission,commission, fraud, negligence or misconductby the Participant/s.

17. This Event and the Terms andConditions here in shall be governed by the lawsof India. The courts of NewDelhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settleall disputes, controversies orclaims arising out of or in connection with orin relation to this Event.

18. Notwithstanding anythingcontained herein, in no event shall Honor Store and/or Huawei be held liable inwhatsoever manner arising from, in connection with orrelating to thepromotional event?

19. Disclaimer:

a. Huawei shall not be responsiblefor system outages, delays, equipment malfunctions,errors or data loss of anykind, lost or unavailable connections, or failed,incomplete, garbled or deletedtransmissions or other technologicaldifficulties or any other force majeureevent that may prevent a Participant from participating in the Event. Further,Huawei will not be responsible orliable for: (a) any failure to receivesubmissions due to transmission failuresand other conditions beyond itsreasonable control; (b) any late, lost,misrouted, or damaged transmissions orentries or Prizes; (c) any computer orcommunications related malfunctions orfailures; (d) any disruptions, losses ordamages caused by events beyond thecontrol of the promoter; or (e) any printingor typographical errors in anymaterials associated with the Event or (f) any delay, damage, non-receipt,lost, misrouted Prizes.

b. Huawei shall not be liable fordelay in delivery of Prizes due tonon-availability of stocks or for any otherreason beyond its control.

c. Huawei has the right to cancelentries with incomplete information or illegal content (statements of a racist,sexist or defamatory nature) or statementsglorifying violence which could beconstrued as deriding or insulting or similarlyoffending specific individualsor groups.

d. Huawei shall not be liable forany loss or damage due to Act of God,Governmental actions, other force majeurecircumstances and shall not be liableto pay any amount as compensation orotherwise for any such loss.

e. Huawei reserves the absoluteright to amend the terms and conditions of theEvent or extend the Event Day orcancel or discontinue the Event or any partthereof without giving any reasonsor prior notice.

f. Event shall be void in State ofTamil Nadu and/or any state/UT where it isprohibited by law. In such case,Huawei shall not be liable to provide any freecash-back, gift(s) orcompensation to the Participant on any account.

g. Failure by Huawei to enforceany of its right at any stage does not constitutea waiver of those rights.

h. Huawei accepts noresponsibility of licensing and copyright issues of theuploaded and/or editedimages. Should the Participant have questions aboutlicensing issues andcopyright, Participant must contact their appropriatelocal legal services forumfor advice. Any postings of pictures by Participantwill be presumed by Huaweias consented by Participant or subject to fulfilmentof any IPR relatedformalities by such Participant. Huawei shall always trustthe same in goodfaith, unless any claim is made by any third party, for whichthe Participanthereby indemnifies Huawei India for all claims, costs, damages,risks andexpenses.

i. In no event shall Huawei beliable for losses or any incidental or consequentialdamages arising out of orin connection with the Event, its services or thisagreement (however arising,including negligence). Huawei shall not beresponsible for any product orservice liability of any kind.

j. In the event of any conflict orinconsistency regarding any instructions, rulesand conditions on any advertisingor promotional material relating to theEvent, these Terms and Conditions shallprevail over all such otherinstructions, rules and conditions.

20. Intellectual Property Rights

1. Allrights, title and interestincluding but not limited to the IntellectualProperty Rights in the promotionalmaterial(s) and any/all registrationsreceived shall vest solely and exclusivelywith Huawei at all times and Huaweishall be entitled to use the database of theentries received or anyinformation in any media for future promotional,marketing and publicitypurpose without any further reference or payment orcompensation to Participant.Participant shall be solely responsible for anyconsequences which may arisedue to any kind of infringement of copyrights orany kind of intellectualproperty rights belonging to any other person/ entityetc. and also undertaketo indemnify Huawei and its officers, directors,employees etc. on thehappening of such an event (including without limitationcost of attorney,legal charges etc.) on full indemnity basis.

21. Event Sponsor:

0. ThisEvent is sponsored by Huawei Telecommunications (India)Company Private Limited,7th Floor, Tower – A, Spaze I-Tech Park, Sohna Road,Sector 49, Gurugram,Haryana, 122018. The Sponsor reserves the right to cancel,terminate or modifythe promotion/campaign/Contest if it cannot be operated,conducted or completedas planned, for any reason. For any questions regardingthe Contest, pleasecontact Huawei on email id: hihonor.in@huawei.com. All endeavors shall be made to address yourqueries.However, it is clarified that no response shall not be construed as adeficiency or an act of omission on the part of Huawei.

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