• As long as there are people who want to be surprised,as long as there are people who want to be curious,there will always be an audience somewhere,they want to hear what you have to say. WATCH VIDEO
  • #forthebrave

    Discover the world

    Honor believes the world would be a better place if each of us knew and nurtured our own greatest strength. Bravely work and realize that hidden talent or heartfelt passion to its full potential. WATCH VIDEO
  • Shanghai Research Center

    journey to smarter lens

    Advance in technology will always startle us with big surprises. Embedding a SLR camera lens into such a tiny cell phone is another surprise technology for us. WATCH VIDEO
  • Pairs Aesthetic Research Center

    Design through uniqueness

    We take pride in crafting products with meticulous attention on details, while the unique design concept in Honor veins makes our clients feel extraordinary. WATCH VIDEO
  • London design center

    Peter Wharton

    This level if investment produces impressive results, for example ,our latest chipset, the Kirin 920,it’s the fruit of the combined efforts of the European R&D team. WATCH VIDEO

If I’d listened to those who doubted me, I 'd never cultivate flowers which turned into an edible wall.

Marc Graner

Creator of The Phytokinetic Concept  

i’ve given up everything for my music. But WHEN YOU DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE, IT’S NOT SACRIFICE

Rick Sargent

Guitarist/song writer ‘Arcadian Tides’ Original electronic artists  

when i dance, i feel like i’m flying. it gives me wings. Dancing make me brave

Tanvi Mehra

Dancer, Yogi, Chroreographer WATCH VIDEO



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