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The honor 5X, recently launched in India at a grand event in New Delhi, has made waves among the tech community for its top-of-the-line specs. But before it landed on Indian shores, the phone was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas, and to a great response at that – the phone scooped almost every notable award for the best smartphone unveiled this year! Out of the many smartphones showcased at Las Vegas, the honor 5X stood out for its premium hardware, superior line-up of features and great value for money. Here, we put down a list of the top honor’s the mighty honor 5X has won.


“After a brief introduction of sales in China, the 5X is headed stateside for a smooth $199  unlocked. That’s a great deal for a metal phone with a fingerprint sensor, a good screen and capable internals,” states Android Central, which named the honor 5X the ‘Pick for CES 2016honor5x-2


The honor 5X was the best smartphone at CES 2016 , says GottaBeMobile.com. Why? “The  Honor 5X is an outstanding smartphone that combines premium hardware with an affordable price point.” honor5x-3

Tom’s Guide’s CES 2016 Awards: Best Smartphone: Honor 5X

‘It’s hard to find a better smartphone value,” admits Tom’s Guide, a popular technology       website, which declared the honor 5X “The Best Smartphone“。 “The Honor 5X from Huawei packs a vibrant 5.5-inch display, a useful fingerprint sensor and a generously sized battery into a solid metal body. You can assign specific shortcuts to each finger that you lay on the sensor, so calling your favorite contact is as easy as putting your finger on your phone. Security features, such as Privacy Protected, hide your sensitive pics, apps and messages from prying eyes. Plus, the 13-megapixel rear camera and 5-MP front camera are great additions for the price,” the writer mentions.


PCMag.com’s The Best of CES 2016 – Best Phone: Huawei Honor 5X

Terming it the Besr Phone of CES 2016, Sascha Segan from PCMag says, “Huawei’s Honor 5X looks like an amazing value. With its all-metal body, sharp main camera, 5.5-inch screen and fingerprint sensor, it feels like a $350 phone.”


PhoneArena.com’s Best of CES 2016: honor 5X

Top tech blog, PhoneArena, calls the honor 5X “an affordable, yet decent Android offering.” Though priced low, it surely has a lot to offer in exchange, it adds. “Specs like the 5.5-inch 1080p screen, the Snapdragon 615 SoC, the 16GB of storage, and the 13MP camera make it a worthy rival to considerably more expensive phones. Plus, you get a fingerprint scanner and a rather large, 3000mAh battery.” It’s no wonder then that the honor 5X has received the accolade of being the Best of CES    2016, according to the website.

CRN.com’ Smartphones That Stole The Show – Huawei Honor 5X

According to CRN.com, the honor 5X made heads turn at the recently concluded show. Writer Nick T points out that the device looks pretty high end and comes packed with all the essential features at a reasonable price. “The 5.5-inch smartphone has a metal frame and fingerprint sensor. On the inside, this smartphone packs a Snapdragon 615 processor, a 3,000mAh battery that gives the device enough juice to last the day, and 2 GB of RAM,” he says.

Android Authority’s Best of CES 2016: The most impressive products from the show

‘Offering a specs list that is synonymous with much more expensive phones, the Honor 5X offers a Full HD display, premium all-metal build, excellent fingerprint sensor, microSD card support and more,” states Android Authority, listing the honor 5X as one of the most impressive products from the show.


The list of awards may end here but the popularity of the honor 5X continues to soar. Watch   this space to know more.




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