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Top 5 games to play on your honor 6 Plus


 Everyone loves a good video game. And what is not to love? The graphics, the storyline, the entertainment it proves is unmeasurable. But what can make a gaming experience better?The fact that you can carry around the best games, with the best graphics right in your       pocket. With your honor 6 Plus, forget about battery life worries as it is packed with a 3,600 mAh battery,system lags with a high-end Kirin 920 octa-core processor and of course, get complete viewing experience with a 5.5 inchHD screen. So what is not to love?Today we are celebrating Video Game Day and to get you started, we feature our list of the best android games around!

  1.     Asphalt 8

So here is the deal with racing games. You can never go wrong with a list of luxury fast cars, challenging courses, and a competitive spirit. But what if you could add in a series of aerial  stunts, multiplayer action and dynamic visuals that give you the ultimate racing experience? With Apshalt 8, get your adrenaline pumping with extreme racing, extreme action, and a generous dose of exciting features waiting to be discovered. Download it here

  1.     Amazing Spider Man 2

Whoever said you can’t play 3D RPG games on a smartphone, has not played the Amazing  Spider Man. Our favorite web hero comes back in a free-world game filled with crime busting missions, web-slinging stunts and not to mention a fun storyline to keep you hooked for hours together. Play as the Spider Man, suite him up with various power ups, and dive into a world of limitless adventure with your favorite web-head. Download it here


When a game from the 90’s comes back to grace your screen, you can expect nothing but  nostalgia coupled with good old fighting styles and moves, recreated just the way you  remember it. Fun and packed with action, this game touches the hearts of all the 90s kids alongside making some progressive room with the current generation’s game players. Download it here

  1.     Injustice: Gods among us

If you could gather all the DC superheroes, which character would you pick? Fight using an impressive list of DC characters, with 3-on-3 combat, and touch base controls. Guaranteed to keep your entertained with its limitless actionable moves and an unquenchable thirst to unlock more characters, with better abilities. Download it here

  1.     Mortal Kombat X

We just can’t get enough of the fighting games. The best ones just keep on coming. With yet another version for your android, MK-X still reigns supreme in the exaggerated, yet deadly finishing blows. You can also summon other characters and team up with them to deliver some of the best combination of the most epic moves you can find. So with an extensive list of characters, take your pick, experiment and prove your worth in one of the most anticipated tournaments of all time. Download it here And so there we have it! Discover the gamer in you, use your honor smartphone to play some of the most memorable games you can find




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