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Safety, Security, easy access and more at the touch of a fingertip


The newly-launched honor 5X, the No Nonsense phone, is equipped with an advanced version of a Fingerprint Sensor that offers:

A better user experience

Advanced safety options

Fast fingerprint identification

Unsurpassed app security

Other Intelligent features

Read on to know in detail the many features the fingerprint sensor on the honor 5X has to offer.

What does better user experience mean?

The fingerprint sensor on the honor 5X is placed on the back of the phone adding to the excellent design language and also allowing for easy one-handed usage.

The phone uses FPC 2.0 fingerprint sensor, a non-metallic ring fingerprint identification program. This technology helps capture the high-frequency signal for detecting fingerprints and does not depend on the metal frame to emit the signals.

With its ability to obtain stronger signals and thereby ensure the fingerprint recognition is smooth, the honor 5X promises a better operating experience.

The honor 5X uses substantial optimization fingerprint recognition algorithm to improve the recognition rate significantly.

The honor 5X comes with the new fingerprint recognition software PFE algorithm (pattern feature enhance, pattern enhancement algorithms) and CAC algorithm (capacity auto control automatic adaptive control) which greatly solve specific fingerprint usability problems. It even improves the recognition rate for wet and dry fingers, by getting a better fingerprint image.

The honor 5X has the easiest fingerprint input program – it takes just six steps to register a fingerprint. What’s noteworthy is that even if you don’t completely record your fingerprint, the phone still recognizes and reminds the User to complete the registration.

The phone supports 360-degree finger identification over the rear sensor to unlock the device. Which means that whatever direction you place your finger, you will be able to unlock the device without any problem.


The honor 5X supports fingerprint self-learning function — the more you use the better will be the response rate.

Continuous Finger print detection is available on the honor 5X: if the sensor does not recognise your fingerprint the first time, you can retry even without lifting your finger from the sensor.

Not just one fingerprint – the honor 5X supports up to 5 fingerprints parallel [5 Primary fingerprint and 5 Guest fingerprints]

What are the safety features of the FingerPrint sensor?

The honor 5X device stores the captured Fingerprints into the phone’s chip and retrieves it using a Decryption key.

The fingerprint sensor interface and driver are encapsulated in Secure OS and achieve the most recognized security protection.

All Finger Print data gets saved into ARM Trust Zone environment in an encrypted format. Even if the phone is rooted or violently dismantled, no one else will be able to access the fingerprint feature point data.

Is the Fingerprint Sensor Fast?

An innovative multi-threaded unlocking process on the honor 5X allows a user to unlock the device within just 0.5 seconds and this is the fastest speed to unlock using fingerprint in the industry.

Does the fingerprint sensor support App Security?

You can lock any application which contains private information by enabling application lock under Fingerprint Management. Only by using fingerprint verification those applications can be opened. This prevents data snooping by others.

Private photos, important documents and other encrypted storage can also be locked using fingerprint lock for safety and convenience.

Configuring Guest Mode with Fingerprint login will hide private and confidential data from others.

More than just unlock: other Features

The fingerprint identification 2.0 supports many other functions, going beyond just securely unlocking your phone. You can:

Answer calls

Click a photo

Switch off alarms

Access notifications in the notification shade/close the notification shade

What’s more, you can launch an app or call a friend with a touch of finger even when the screen is switched off. Yes, the Honor 5X’s fingerprint recognition 2.0 is powerful in every way.

Advantages of Honor 5X’s Rear Fingerprint Sensor:

One-handed usage: Because of the placement of the fingerprint sensor on the rear panel, you can unlock the phone easily. To illustrate this, call to mind how we hold the phone and how we place it in the pocket after use. More often than not, when we place the phone in the pocket, the screen faces the body. Consequently, when we take the phone out, we instinctively touch the back of the phone. Hence, it is only natural if the fingerprint sensor is in the rear. It’s so much better on the back: by the time the phone is out of your pocket, you have unlocked the phone after scanning your finger.

Easier to take selfies: Point the front camera at you, place your finger on the fingerprint sensor and long-press. Voila! You have taken the perfect selfie!

How to Configure ?

Given below are the different options you can set using the fingerprint sensor.


Launch an App Using Fingerprint: You can launch any of your favorite applications using the fingerprint sensor   


Call a number Using Fingerprint: You can call a pre-set or configured number using Fingerprint sensor 





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