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‘Performance engineering is as much a practice as it is an art’.

HiSilicon is a Huawei owned entity and happens to be one of the largest manufacturers of Integrated circuits and chipsets for smartphones in China. HiSilicon produces state of the art processors for budget and premium smartphones. The Kirin range of processors is the reason behind their popularity in smartphones. You can find the latest Kirin chipsets in the new honor 6Plus and 4C models. HiSilicon has gone from strength to strength with license purchases from the likes of graphic giants such as ARM and Vivante Corporation for improved graphics in their handsets.


Today how you multi-task on a smartphone depends on the speed of the chipset as well as its graphical prowess. Kirin processors have grown in repute for being able to solve the simplest of problems from reducing the basic lag on your phone to improving the ability to multi-task, and even the speed of the camera.

Yes, the speed of a camera does depend on the power of the processor in the phone. From opening and closing the camera app, to visiting the gallery and the shutter speed at which the camera takes pics, all this is dictated by how good your processor is. The 925 is one of the latest in the range of Kirin. One strong aspect of the chipset is its ability to snap pictures of up to 32 megapixels. So when you take an image, the clarity and detail in the pictures captured are really high.


Even the touch screen on your phone depends on the CPU. The second you tap an icon on your screen, the processor simply recognizes it and quickly runs to open the desired app. Such small actions to the complicated heavy games are all a part of the processor cum graphics GPU which gives the user a seamless and smooth smartphone experience. With every addition to the Kirin line-up, 32 & 64-bit processors, clocking up to a super-fast 2.0 GHz improves the speed and ensures lag free usability.

HiSilicon is finding a way for their chipsets to get slimmer and more powerful, hence allowing more flexible and versatile smartphone designs to take form, such as the honor 6Plus and the newly launched honor 4X.


Connectivity is another key factor of Kirin processors. 3G and 4G connections are quickly becoming the choice for users everywhere with their quick speeds and stronger connectivity, even in remote locations. Now with 3 and 4G phones and the best network providers’ one can get strong signal strength from atop a tall mountain or even under a blanket of green forests.  

The next set of Kirin processors promise to take your smartphone experience to another level with more memory and higher processing speeds from 4-8 cores, along with a significant boost in graphical performance. All this and more to give you a whole new smartphone experience.





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