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“My first smartphone”

That first selfie, or the first song you listen to or maybe the first person you WhatsApp – these are some of the things you would remember when you get your first smartphone. Connectivity, convenience, a good camera and sufficient storage space, among others, are some of the factors you would ideally take into consideration when buying it.

To first time users a smartphone is more than just a phone. It’s a personal landmark, a moment to remember and maybe a hint of things to come.

These are some situations that can help you choose your first phone:

The first touch – As you switch on your honor Bee for the first time, the loading screen greets you, as you prepare to experience the simple yet easy to use EMUI interface. You get easy access to your favourite music, also a simple swipe down on the lock screen opens the camera app. If you’re not very tech savvy then don’t fret, the EMUI allows for apps to appear on the home screen rather than an app drawer, which makes accessibility easy.


The first selfie – Your first selfie is always one of the most important pictures you’ll take and we recognize the significance of it. Whether it’s at a party or at a play, the DUAL LED flash on the latest honor phones make it easy to shoot even in low light. The honor Bee comes with capable front and rear cameras to capture and record those epic moments at high quality.

The first apps – Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, these are some apps that you’ll be eager to download and get connected. The newest range of honor phones use state of the art technology to boost connectivity and improve download speeds, so you can share your favourite images or connect with long distance friends. Now shooting videos and sharing them is made much easier with the powerful processors that are housed in the honor 4C.

Your first high score – One of the best feelings of owning your first smartphone is downloading your favourite games. That tensed moment when you’re so close to bettering your highest score in games such as Angry Birds or Fruit ninja is an amazing experience. With the crisp and sharp displays which the honor 4C sports, gaming is always a fun pastime. Not to forget, the fast processors with high GPU which improve graphics.

So if you’re ready for your first smartphone, don’t think twice. Go ahead and honor yourself!




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