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Introducing Android M for honor 7


We are excited to announce that we will be rolling out Android M on a slew of our devices.  Kicking things off this week is the update for one of our recently launched phones, the honor 7.

Along with performance improvements and an all-new Android version, what this update brings is a host of new EMUI features you have come to expect from an honor.

What’s new?

› SOS (Emergency Calls): If you are ever in an emergency situation, turn this feature on and  your phone will automatically send a message to a set of emergency contacts, complete    with your exact location and cell id

› Data Traffic Management: Ever been befuddled when your internet pack runs out and you  don’t know why? Using the data monitoring feature you can set a data usage limit to make    sure you don’t find yourself in these situations. This new feature will be available in Settings.

› Join Contacts: Merge contacts saved under different accounts (Google, Facebook, phone  contacts) into one single contact.

› Dual Window: Multitasking made simpler — now you can open two windows simultaneously.

› Professional Camera mode: Shoot the most beautiful pictures with features like ISO, shutter  priority exposure, exposure compensation, auto focus, white balance and more. Get              snapping, shutterbugs!

› Professional Camera mode: Shoot the most beautiful pictures with features like ISO, shutter priority exposure, exposure compensation, auto focus, white balance and more. Get  snapping, shutterbugs!

› Compass: Get your sense of direction right wherever you are using the Compass application on your honor 7. If the phone is flat, it will display the compass, which would show the position and direction. If the phone is vertical, it will show the real scene, and you can look at the  scenery or road conditions.

› Alarm Ring duration: Choose how long you want your alarm to ring – the new update gives you six options to choose from. If you are a heavy sleeper, you can choose a duration up to 30 minutes! No more excuses for sleeping in.

› Screen Recording: Record any information on your screen with this new feature.  Great for creating short video tutorials to help a friend or relative better use their honor 7.

› Contact — Smart groups: You can now group your contacts and view all contact          information by company, city or even recent contact time.

› Hicare Application: Find a service center near you using the Hicare application. You can   access this app in the Tools folder.

› Share contact information using BARCODE reader: Each contact will have a corresponding  barcode which can be shared.

› Multi-user settings: Do you share your phone with family or friends? You can now create multiple accounts. Note: As soon as new user account is created, device will restart and enter into new account mode. Owner can come back to his account by selecting users -> you (owner) option in Settings.




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