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Meet the honor 7, #your7senses

The long wait for the most intuitive phone in the smartphone market is finally over. The honor 7 launches today in India and comes with an array of features to regale all of your 7 senses. Yes, 7 we say, and not just 5! Read on to know why.

Sense of Sight – See the difference

With the 20MP camera featuring a Sony IMX 230 Sensor and PDAF Fast-focusing technology (of just 0.1 seconds), you will never miss a moment again. Showcase your creativity with features like time-lapse, light painting and taillight track. That’s not all. Enhance your food photographs using the ‘Good Food’ mode or make use of the personalised filter function, thanks to the new and improved EMUI 3.1, the camera on the honor 7 will always delight you. Meanwhile, indulge the selfie lover in you with the 8MP front-facing camera that lets you click the perfect selfie even in low light conditions.



Sense of Sound – Let your phone find you when you can’t find it

Haven’t we all faced the issue of misplacing our phones and running into a tizzy when we can’t find it? A special voice recognition feature on the honor 7, you can just call out to the phone and it will respond to you. All it takes is a command as simple as ‘Dear honor, where  are you?’ and your phone will play a tune to help you locate it.


Sense of touch – All metal, ultimate chic

Elegance in metal. The honor 7 has been crafted beautifully keeping in mind that perfection lies in details. Ceramic sand blasting, concave power key and CD pattern on the camera – all this adds to the premium look and feel of the phone. The non-metallic ring fingerprint module contributes to the succinct design.

Sense of Taste – Rekindle the flavour

Foodies, food photographers and everyone else who love clicking photographs of delectable dishes! Now let your food pictures make you drool all over again, with the all-new Good Food mode on the honor 7. Select the option when using the camera on your phone and you will have pictures that are refreshing, colourful and as sumptuous as the food.


Sense of Smell – SOS for when you smell trouble

Amongst one of the many highlights, honor 7 is the first ever smartphone to adhere to the     Indian Government’s directive and incorporate the Panic Button or the SOS feature.  with The feature will enable users to send an SMS to three pre-set numbers discreetly and hence will act as an emergency alarm in times of crisis. Through this feature, users will also be able to share their location and hence easily call for help in times of dire necessity.

The Sixth Sense – Intuitive operation

The honor 7 is equipped with rear fingerprint sensor that is faster and more accurate. The self-learning technology makes recognition increasingly sensitive and intelligent. It takes just 0.5  seconds to detect the stored fingerprint and unlock the phone.


The Smart Sense – Smart Key, Smart Customisation

Unlock the smart sense with the Smart Key. It provide faster and easier access to various functions and can be further customized based on your preference. A single/ double touch, long  press can be set to perform different actions depending on your choice. Long press to access  Google Search and Google voice for instant feedbacks is just one of the many functions that it can be set to.


With a 3100 mAh battery that optimises the battery performance as per your needs, the honor 7 promises a truly intuitive user experience.




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