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Honor 7, LINK +


User communication experience is key to the success of a smartphone. Nowadays, users find it imperative to be connected to their loved ones and expect an enriched communication experience from their smartphone. Huawei, being a strong technology player in the 3G/4G telecom network, and having accumulated years of expertise in network design, has designed the honor 7 keeping this need for superior communication in mind. The honor 7, launched recently in India at Rs 24,999, offers an intelligent feature called Link+, to enrich the communication experience.

What is Link+?

An advanced intelligent feature, Link+ identifies and switches the device to the best network  time and network cell so that the user can get optimized data speeds and interruption-free signals for their communication.

Here’s what Link+ comprises:

WIFI+: Provides a smart network switch between WIFI and data network automatically to provide best data speeds. Most importantly, with Wi-Fi+ even if Wi-Fi is turned off, if the phone recognizes a known Wi-Fi connection, it will automatically make a connection.

Signal+: This provides smart connectivity to the best network cell available in the location, with an intelligent and fast cell  switching technology Roaming+: Similar to the Single plus Roaming+, this provide an intelligent and fast cell switching during roaming.

Let’s understand the above features in detail:

Wi-Fi+ This feature assists the user by automatically selecting the best among available mobile data and Wi-Fi networks for smoother internet experience. In other words, the devices checks if Wi-Fi connection is good or Mobile data and provides better data connectivity to the user. For example, if Wi-Fi connection is poor, then it automatically switches back to Mobile data and vice-versa. The following image shows the switch to mobile data even when the WIFI is available             because of its poor quality Honor-blog-2

If a user navigates to the Wi-Fi settings page, poor connection prompt will be shown.


To enjoy the advantages of Wi-Fi+, the user will have to turn this option on in Wi-Fi settings. When device comes into the range of known Wi-Fi connections, the device will automatically connect to Wi-Fi. What’s noteworthy is even if a user has turned off his Wi-Fi, if the phone finds a stable Wi-Fi connection, it will turn the function on and establish a connection. Honor-blog-4

For any reason, if the Wi-Fi connection fails to connect to the internet, then the user will be prompted to stay on that connection or allow Wi-Fi+ to select another. Honor-blog-5

Furthermore, if the Wi-Fi connection is detected as poor then the device will not reconnect back to Wi-Fi and will continue to use only mobile until the wifi data connectivity is good. Honor-blog-6


Signal+ is enabled on the phone by default; there is no need for user intervention in the operation. Signal+ helps a user to get best network by switching between different signal transmitters in the network and thus assisting in better network experience on phone.


There are several cases where the Signal+ will serve as an aid to a user. For instance, when user is at a low coverage region of a cell; Signal+ will check the coverage of other cells and switch automatically and quickly. Also when moving at high speeds say in a train or cars, Signal+ will switch intelligently among different cells to provide continuity in voice call and     data services. This is definitely a step ahead in network performance compared to non- Signal+   devices.


Similar to Signal+, Roaming + is enabled on the honor 7 by default. On arriving in a roaming region, Roaming+ searches and finds the best and suitable roaming network cell and connects to it for a seamless user experience. In comparison to other smartphones available in the market today, we see the honor 7 is far ahead when it comes to offering users a top-notch communication experience.





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